Sunday, January 23, 2022

Pizza Making

Let's talk about pizza. We have pizza about once a week and have done so for more than 20 years.

It hasn't always been a pretty experience, just ask my kids. They can tell you some good stories like the gooey pizza  or the day the pizza made mom cry.

 We have done many different things over the years for pizza night. They include ordering pizza which gets pricy quick, english muffin pizza which always seems more like a lunch then a dinner. Then there was french bread pizza a step in the right direction. There were the times we tried to make dough from scratch, that didn't go well for many years but every so often we would try again. One thing that did work when we had the freezer space was buying par baked pizza crusts by the case from Sam's Club. We used to get them from the bakery department.

Then finally we managed to make pizza dough at home, and turn it into a delicious pizza. I think splitting the jobs is what made it work. I made the dough, but the actual rolling and making of the pizza was someone else's job. This was our son Conner's job at about age 12, and once he went to college Aidan took over at about the same age.

Does the pizza come out perfect each time no it doesn't, sometimes the crust gets a little crispy, or the dough doesn't roll out just right. But that is ok, we learn something new each time we make it, it's a team project and we have fun doing it. 

Now that Conner and Shadow live locally again they come home one day a week to make pizza and do laundry. I make the dough, but since I work full time outside the house I make the dough in large batches about once a month and freeze.  

Here is the recipe that we use to make the dough:

2 cups warm tap water

2 tablespoons yeast

1 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon salt

All of these are placed in a bowl or I use my kitchen aide mixer. Mix and let sit for a little bit till it looks foamy and smells yeasty. 

Then add about 4 cups of flour, it can vary based on how dry/ humid the air is.

Add enough flour to make a dough, knead until it forms a ball. Let it rise till doubled about 1 hour depends on the temp of the room.

Then it's time to make the pizza, this recipe will make one 3/4 sheet of pizza or 1 with a bit of a 16 inch round pizza.

    This time we made a 3/4 sheet pan the biggest that will fit in a normal oven. I like to spray the pan before rolling out the crust. This year we just got these two handy little tools. Wish we had found them years ago, the wooden roller works perfectly at rolling out the dough quick and easy. And the white one I can poke holes in the crust so much faster then with fork. 

On the other hand Conner does enjoy tossing the pizza first.

Time to add the toppings, whatever your heart desires. This one was a jar of alfredo sauce, one can of chicken, a hand full of diced bacon, mini peppers and broccoli. Along with parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese, and seasonings.

We baked it at 425 with the fan on in the convection oven for 8 mins ,check to see if the crust is able to be lifted from from the tray, if so then turn the pan and about 8 more min to make sure that the top cooks. If we are cooking 2 pizza's at the same time, we also rotate the pizzas at this time, so that they don't burn on the bottom.
The first time you make pizza in your oven keep a close eye on it so that you don't burn it.

Menu Plan 2022 Week 3

 The menu plan for the past week was :

Sunday- Meatloaf- From Freezer

Monday- Easy Mostly Homemade Chicken Soup

Tuesday- Ham and Cheesy Potato

Wednesday- Waffles w/ sausage - this was the only change to the menu we ended up serving leftovers instead of the the waffles.

Thursday- Instapot Beef w/ noodles

Friday- Teriyaki chicken w/ rice

Saturday- Steak and cheese quiche

And with being home all week, and not feeling all the great we ate scrambled eggs pretty much every day for breakfast/ lunch.

Goal Update- Week 3

 1 ) Work / Life Balance- Well it was an interesting week to say the least, it started as a short week do to a holiday. Then the district added 2 more days off due to the amount of sickness making its way around. Of course our whole house ended up being added to those who were sick, so we also stayed home on Thursday and Friday. So there was no outside the home work, but there also wasn't much going on here at home as we rested and did what needed to be done to survive.

2) Menu Planning- Since we were home all week , the menu was followed.


3) Blog More- this week I managed to write 2 Blog entries, and take lots of naps.

4) To Do List- Most days the list was to just feed the family, sleep and do one chore. I feel that this upcoming week really is going to be one that needs to to do list.

5) Game TIme- We played Ticket to Ride again, this time Aidan was the winner. We will start rotating the games we play but since most of us were coughing we didn't want to play a game that we had to talk a lot or that would take to long. 

6) Personal Goals - 

a) Get Up and Move- We spent the week sleeping, I did spend a few hours working in the yard yesterday as I was feeling better.

b) Drink More Water- I did drink water this week, lots and lots of water and tea anything to help my throat.

c) Fast Food- Since we didn't leave the house this week not much of a temptation. We did pick up hamburgers and chicken sandwiches on Saturday for lunch just as a treat.

7) Clean Kitchen before bed- I have been doing great at this, I am thinking of next month of adding another little habit,

8) Garden- I was able to get outside and lay down some cardboard, I am going to win against the weeds this year. I also was able to refill the bird feeder, so hopefully some of the song birds will be back.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Menu Plan 2022- Week 2

 Menu Plan - Week Two

Sunday- Chicken Enchiladas

Monday- Alfredo pasta with Chicken

Tuesday- Pizza- made by Conner

Wednesday- Sausage and potatoes

Thursday- Beef Pot Pie ( from the freezer)

Friday- Meatloaf ( from the freezer) 

Saturday- Chicken Noodle soup

What we ended up eating

Sunday- We did the Chicken Enchiladas and I also made one for the freezer. Plus I made pizza dough for the next few weeks.

Monday to Wednesday we followed the menu

Thursday- I had forgotten to pull  the beef pie out the freezer, so we had salisbury steak instead

Friday- I was very sick, so I had ramen and toast and the rest of the family ordered subs.

Saturday- The husband had pizza overnighted from Buffalo,NY to enjoy because of the Bills wildcard game on Saturday. 

Goal Update - Week 2

1 ) Work / Life Balance- It has been a crazy week at work. But I continue about not worrying about the next day, I control what I can and work hard during my work day but at the end I leave it at work. Well accept the aches and pains. 

2) Menu Planning- For the most part we followed the menu, there were some changes, on Friday as I was not feeling the husband order subs. He also treated us to pizza overnighted from Buffalo for the Bills game on Saturday.


3) Blog More- this week I managed to write 5 Blog entries, and what seems to be working is noting ideas on paper and then once a week sitting down and writing.

4) To Do List- Not so good on this one, didn't even try. I had long list for this long weekend, but the household has taken ill. So nothing on the list, but rest, and the least about of work needed to keep the household running. In fact today list consists of write blogs, rest, sweep floors, kitchen, and play a board game. 

5) Game TIme- We didn't get a chance to play on Friday since I came home sick from work. On Saturday we also didn't play as there was a Bills game. We do have plans on playing a game today.

6) Personal Goals - 

a) Get Up and Move- I worked at a school 5x this weeks so that was a solid 5 hours of moving each day. As far as family the youngest did TKD 1x last week.

b) Drink More Water- I did drink water this week, but also had more caffeine than I should have to try to get through the week. 

c) Fast Food- during the work week I did once for a breakfast. The work week didn't really go as planned at all . 

7) Clean Kitchen before bed- I have been doing great at this , and it's also making the rest of the household help. I was able to do this every night but Friday, when I was sick. But the other family members stepped up and took care of it.

8) Garden- nothing yet, but I have been thinking. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Chicken Egg Rolls and Pizza Logs

 So last week we made chicken egg rolls and pizza logs, we make these about every 4 to 5 months. My husband is the best at rolling the egg rolls and I handle the pizza logs. 

Due to the amount of work and the mess when we make them we do it in bulk, I think this time we did 75 egg rolls and 96 pizza logs.


These are the wrappers that we use and they can be found in the freezer section of most Asian stores. If you can't find these the egg roll wrappers that you can find in the produce section of most major stores will also work, they will just look different and be a bit thicker.

For the pizza logs, you will need string cheese cut in half the long way, pepperoni, and spring roll wrappers. You could also use any veggies you would add to a pizza. If you don't have string cheese you can use shredded mozzarella but I find that the string cheese works better.

The pizza logs are easy, one piece of cheese, 6 pepperoni on a spring wrapper and roll. Seal with a egg wash and then fry. I like to cook all of them before I freeze that way I only need to make a mess with frying oil once, but you can freeze them un- fried To reheat from frozen you can use the oven, air fryer, or even microwave. 

Serve with pizza sauce on the side for dipping them in.

For the Chicken egg rolls, you will need ground chicken I used 2 pounds this time, 2 heads of cabbage sliced thin, a one pound of baby carrots chopped up in the mini food processor. I also like to season the mix with ginger and some oyster flavored sauce. Insead of cabbage and carrots you can use coleslaw mix.

Fry up the ground chicken in a bit of olive oil, remove from the pan. Add the cabbage and carrots and cook them down add the ginger and oyster sauce. Mix the cabbage mix with the chicken and let the mix cool. This time we lucked out as it was a very cold winter day so we set the mix outside to cool.

When you go to wrap them use about 2 TB of mix on a spring roll wrapper and seal with egg wash. And then fry. Same as the pizza logs you can re heat in the oven, air fryer, or microwave. 

He is the best at rolling the egg rolls.

I am in charge of the frying and this time I only burned myself once. 

Monday, January 10, 2022

Price Book- Week One

 I normally keep a paper price book, and I will also do that but I wanted to also use my blog to help keep track of prices for items like milk, bread, meat to see how prices go up and down during the year.

Week 1


Walmart= W

Sam's Club- S

ItemStoreWeek 1
Milk 2% GallonS3.22
Eggs 18ctW2.2
Ground Beef 90%S3.44lb
Chicken Tender FrS2.79 lb
Moz CheeseS2.51 lb
Canned ChickenS1.39 8 for 10.98