Saturday, June 28, 2008

Owl Study Outline

Owls - 8 weeks long 1x per week about 30-45 mintues

1. Intro to owls - using libaray books and - for the older kids 4th and up - the younger kids

2.Food Webs - what they are and make a poster

3. Pellets -( and start the workbook that goes with it)

4.skelton's - glue to paper

5. more time for skelton's and learn about what the owl ate.

6. Movie - Owl Cam the hidden world ( Netflix)

7. Owl report ( each child will get a different owl and do a short report with 5 facts about there owl)

8. Spare week for catch up if needed

Thursday, June 26, 2008

More then one blog and summer plans

It's funny I actually  have 3 blogs right now but they all are about different things. This one I haven't been blogging much on as we really are now after school and summer school at home family and I feel odd blogging here about other things. So I will be sharing some of the things we are doing for education this summer here, while my xanga blog is more about day to day life, and being a stay at home mom. And then my blogspot one is just for my family to cover summer  activites.

So on that note what are your educational plans for the Summer ?

We are doing a hour of math a day, then we also have a craft once a week , plus we are doing a study on Owls, and Astromony oh and a study on the Greeks. I will list how we are going to be doing those later this week end. I really look forward to learning with the kids during the summer, just right dh feels that our small country school is were the kids belong.