Monday, June 4, 2007

Just a picture

Here are the younger 4 sitting outside before church.

A busy boy

aidan is just 13 months almost 14 mon, but he is a very busy little boy, always trying to help. Mops and brooms are toys to him he loves to help mop and sweep. He even tried to wash the van with the other kids. And he thinks the lawn mower is his ( when we mow he is always in the house), he climbs up in it when ever we are outside.





Pat's room Part 3

Well Pat was a busy boy on Friday he hung drywall all day on Saturday, he was helping Steve and Gary the guys who are putting in the room for us.

the celing going up

Break time ( the guys are sitting in what will be Pat's closet.


This is the closet door that leads to our room for the frezzers.

This is the inside of what was the garage door

Pat's room part 2

This is them putting up the wall were the garage door was.

And here is it all finished

my square foot garden

This year my ds pat built me 4 raised beds, this is a picture of one.

The first picture is from around May 20th, this bed is all plants not easily killed by frost. The second picture is from yesterday.


Memorial Day

In our little town Memorial Day is a real big deal. There is a parade and then a program at the bridge for those who died at sea, and then one in the park. There is a reading of Flanders Fields, and the Gettysburg Address, plus prayer and a speaker. My dd Sarah and dd Kathryn were there with their GS troops and the boys Conner and Nolan were there with the cub scouts. And my DH was there with the VFW, he got to fire the rifle that he is holding, both at the bridge and the park. At the bridge everyone drops flowers into the river in memory of those who died, and at the park as the names from our town that died in war are read off the GS and Cub Scouts place the wreaths on the crosses. And here are the pictures.

Before the parade, Conner and Nolan and fellow cub scout.

Sarah and Kathryn


DH ( he is the one on the closest end }



At the river

At the park

General Clinton Regatta

My dd Sarah was in the scout races with her team the River Raiders. She was in a relay race and her part took about 1 1/2 hours of paddling. Here are some picks of her and her partner. This was a little after the  start of the race. They did get hung up on a tree once but the Gator Guys a team of eagle scouts came to there rescue. The neat thing is even though the Gator Guys stopped to help them and three other teams in there race passed them the Gator Guy still won their race.

This was at the end of their part of the relay race.