Monday, June 4, 2007

Memorial Day

In our little town Memorial Day is a real big deal. There is a parade and then a program at the bridge for those who died at sea, and then one in the park. There is a reading of Flanders Fields, and the Gettysburg Address, plus prayer and a speaker. My dd Sarah and dd Kathryn were there with their GS troops and the boys Conner and Nolan were there with the cub scouts. And my DH was there with the VFW, he got to fire the rifle that he is holding, both at the bridge and the park. At the bridge everyone drops flowers into the river in memory of those who died, and at the park as the names from our town that died in war are read off the GS and Cub Scouts place the wreaths on the crosses. And here are the pictures.

Before the parade, Conner and Nolan and fellow cub scout.

Sarah and Kathryn


DH ( he is the one on the closest end }



At the river

At the park

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