Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 4 of Summer

Yesterday was a great day to chill, there was some transporting of kids from point A to B,and a stop at a graduation party. But in all a day to relax, watch a family movie or two, and take some well needed naps. Nolan was a sweet heart and vacuumed the pool for me, while in the pool a very icky job. The boys also set up their new tents and waterproofed them and Kat played with all her animals.

And of course there was some pool time in a pool that was a little green from the vacuuming in the corners that I can not reach from the ladder. I have hope that the pool will be clear this summer, right now it's a cloudy blue, better then last nights green.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 3 of 80 days of summer

 This is more of a effort of applying myself to write a bit every morning then I thought it would be. I have been out of the habit of blogging and realized that really this is my way of remembering all the small stuff that happens in our busy life. So the eighty days of summer is not only a exercise in finding fun in our summer days but  for me also finding time to return to the habit of blogging.

Yesterday was a Friday which in our home means daddy is home but mom still has to go to work. The kids did get most of their chores on the white board done before I returned home, then it was time to get cleaned up as it was time for Sarah's graduation night.

We headed out to a favorite local restaurant for a early dinner, then it was off to the school for graduation. The youngest two headed off to the playground with  our friend that we had brought along as a sitter, and we headed off to the school building so that Sarah could have some pictures taken.

                                                     Waiting for Graduation to start

Before long graduation started and my little girl who I thought was never going to learn her ABC's graduated from high school. She received 3 scholarships, the Senator Libous Community Service Scholarship, Afton Presbyterian Humanitarian Award, and the National School Choral Award and the President's Award for Educational Achievement.

           Aidan didn't want to be in the picture

And of course while Conner and Nolan were in the choirs and Sarah was graduating the younger two were once again at the playground having lots of summer fun.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 2 of the " Summer of Fun"

I will have to admit that if you were a younger kid in our home that today really wasn't a very fun day for you, but if you happen to be a adult or a older child then it was a pretty good day, and if your name is Sarah you had a great day.

We started our day off with French toast for breakfast and then the older 3 kids at home headed off to chorus practice and the mom to work. The younger two stayed home with dad doing what I have no idea probably enjoying TV and computer time. After I got home from work, I was a very happy women to see that my lawn mower had been dropped off, it has been awhile since my rider mower has been working and while I like to push mow the rider is a lot more fun.

Since it was still very hot out, and mowing wasn't going to happen till later in the day , the husband and I headed off to test drive a car, and walked away the new owners of a  2000 Saturn wagon. Then it was time to head back to the children at home, the older ones spent some time getting ready for the evenings events and the younger two headed out to the pool, while I mowed grass.

Then it was on to the big part of the day Baccalaureate  service for my daughter Sarah, the boys sang in the chorus and Sarah was both a reader  and in the chorus. It was a very nice service, hot, but nice and the sermon was about the fruits of the spirit, and how God can change our lives when we let him in.
Class of 2012 and 2024

In all a bit of fun today but not a lot, hoping to make up for it this weekend.
And since she is Sarah the shoes are off

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Phineas and Ferb summer 80 days of summer

While Phineas and Ferb might have 104 days of summer vacation, we have 80 days ( OK High school/ middle school has about 87) . My goal this summer is to make as many of these days fun, I want to be a yes mom this summer. Now I know that every day isn't going to be filled with fun but I will try to have as many that I can. Also I will not be providing the fun each day there are going to be some travel to grandma's, camps, and so on.

We started our summer yesterday it was the last day of school for the younger ones and a 1/2 day, plus I had a day off from work so we started our fun. After attending moving up day, the littlest one headed home with me and Kat headed to a friends house for a bit. While Kat had fun with her friend, Aidan hung out with his brothers I did what every mom needs on the first day of summer vacation I took a nap.

By 3pm it was time to head out on our adventure for the day. The first stop pick up the girls, and head to the local pool. Wow that place was packed  it was 90 plus degrees yesterday, but we stayed for about a hour and the kids burned off some of their never ending energy. Then we headed to the big libarey  the next town over and started our summer reading, every one left with hopefully enough books to keep us going till next week. Since it was the last day of school we then headed out for a special treat a trip to Micky D's  for dinner. Then it was time to drop off Kat's friend at home and head home ourselves.

I think that our first day if summer vacation was fun and on to day two, which is looking to be busy.