Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Phineas and Ferb summer 80 days of summer

While Phineas and Ferb might have 104 days of summer vacation, we have 80 days ( OK High school/ middle school has about 87) . My goal this summer is to make as many of these days fun, I want to be a yes mom this summer. Now I know that every day isn't going to be filled with fun but I will try to have as many that I can. Also I will not be providing the fun each day there are going to be some travel to grandma's, camps, and so on.

We started our summer yesterday it was the last day of school for the younger ones and a 1/2 day, plus I had a day off from work so we started our fun. After attending moving up day, the littlest one headed home with me and Kat headed to a friends house for a bit. While Kat had fun with her friend, Aidan hung out with his brothers I did what every mom needs on the first day of summer vacation I took a nap.

By 3pm it was time to head out on our adventure for the day. The first stop pick up the girls, and head to the local pool. Wow that place was packed  it was 90 plus degrees yesterday, but we stayed for about a hour and the kids burned off some of their never ending energy. Then we headed to the big libarey  the next town over and started our summer reading, every one left with hopefully enough books to keep us going till next week. Since it was the last day of school we then headed out for a special treat a trip to Micky D's  for dinner. Then it was time to drop off Kat's friend at home and head home ourselves.

I think that our first day if summer vacation was fun and on to day two, which is looking to be busy.

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