Friday, March 9, 2012

Menu planning for March Part 2

I could not only plan dinners I also had to plan breakfasts and lunches. For breakfasts I looked at my mornings and based a plan off of them.


Sunday- Muffins for many reasons a few being they can be eaten in the van on the way to church for the sleepy heads in the house, if I make enough I can stash some away for lunches, and Sunday mornings I am usually the only one up for about 2 hours before the rest of the house rises so plenty of time to bake.

Monday- Bagels and cream cheese , it's a Monday morning and there is more then one kid eating on the way to the bus.

Tuesday- Pancakes, by time of the week mornings are usually going better for both the kids and myself.

Wednesday - Cereal mostly because this is the morning that I try to schedule Doctor and Denis it appts for.

Thursday- Eggs and toast or cereal

Friday- french toast sticks,  I buy them from Sam's club and they do take up a lot of room in the freezer but they make a easy breakfast.

Saturday- is waffles I make them when I get up and under cook them a bit, so when the kids wake they can place them in the toaster. I try to make enough to also freeze for a quick weekday breakfast. But for some reason no matter how many I make they all get eaten.


School day lunches are pb and Jelly, fruit, snack ( homemade or pretzels),and go-yurt. I do offer options on Monday they can also have salad, Tuesday tuna is a choice, and almost any day they can also choose ham, turkey, or salami.

Weekend lunches and or non- school days- 

Saturday- is leftover pizza from Friday and any other leftover in the fridge

Sunday- is leftover soup from Saturday dinner

If for some reason there are no leftovers then we do grilled tuna or ham, or ramen soup.

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