Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nolan's eye

Ok I had plans for today; the weather was going to be sunny and 70 degrees, great weather to get all that yard work done. Well last night after getting home from a 4 hr trip, we decided to have ramen noodle soup for dinner. The first couple of kids went well, then I hear screaming from the pantry down the hall, Kathryn had gotten the last pack from the one box, well Nolan instead asking for help in opening the new box of soup he used a knife it slipped and went into his eye. So this morning I will be heading to the doctors to get it checked, and he looks like patch the pirate with his eye patch.


The good news is if he doesn’t open his eye it doesn’t hurt. Well I will write more about what we have been up to this week later tonight.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

VBS Day 3

We are doing VBS this week at church, we had it all set up outside as we had a flood in the spring that wiped out the downstairs .And about 3 hrs before VBS a storm came though and wiped out the tents and all the things in the tents. So the first night was a little confusing as we tried to dry off everything and move everything inside. Tuesday went much better with everyone going were they were supposed to go. And here are some pictures from last night.


This would be my DH .

This is the herb and spice shop, were the kids are learning about spices and making spice bags.

Here is one of the tribe leaders and the Roman Guard who maintains the order.


We also have a candy shop, weaving shop, music shop,  jewlery shop, and pottery shop. The childern are enjoying it, next year I think we should make the groups by age as we either have little ones 4-5 or older ones 10-13.

Storing School Supplies


I have things in a couple of spots that I store school supplies, downstairs in the family room are 6 bookshelves that hold all of the books not needed for school that week. But still available for reading.

We live in a split level home and there is a closet at the top of the stairs that was for coats, well the kids hang there coats in their rooms and I use the downstairs closet by my room. So we turned that closet into an office with a door. It holds a 2-drawer file cabinet, an 8 drawer plastic cart for school supplies, a paper sorter from Sam's Club that holds lined paper, colored paper, etc. On top of this I have 6 magazine holders that hold workbooks, and papers for each child. Then I have two shelf’s one holds my binders for TOG, and older sons textbooks. Then the top one has photo boxes to store markers, paints, extra school supplies in anything I don't want my 5 year old using without supervision. It also holds the microscope, and bins for odd and ends.

Downstairs there is a closet that I use for art supplies not used every week, like dollies, beads, etc.

And in the dining room were we actually do school I have a large hutch, most of it holds dining items except for on one side were I stack the other kids text books.

Then we have a wicker basket in the living room that holds library books.

When we first moved here I tried to have a schoolroom downstairs in the family room area with fireplace and everything. Well the kitchen is up stairs, and the TV was downstairs, and I like schooling at the dining room table (which is a 9 ft buffet table from Sam’s thank you DH).

I do want to get some more photo boxes I think I can fit 4 more in there. I also still need to update the labels on the drawers and binders for this school year.

Monday, August 8, 2005

The Fall from a Tree

Ok the reason I have not posted much in the last couple of days is because of two young boys Conner my son and Domininc my nephew. Last Wendsday night about 5 min before calling them in for bathtime, I hear a crack and Aunt Margery !! Both of them had just fallen from about 20 ft to the ground. I ran Conner was ok, hurt but ok, Dominic well he was bleeding and crying.

After a trip to the hospital and over 12 hrs, Conner was OK, Dom needed stiches as he had ripped his earlobe off  from his head. He also had a brusie on his lung but was otherwise OK. So after the ER I met his parents half- way between our houses as he lives 4 hrs away, and he felt better once he had his mom. The only reason his mom did not come to the hospital right away is beacuse I told her not to as I didn't want her having an accident at night.

I should have known better then to think cool Dom and Danille have been here since July 4th and nobody has gotten hurt. And yesterday at Grandma's were did we catch them but up in another tree.


Well this week Conner is at horse camp, and I pray he doesn't get hurt.

Life with boys is never boring for long.


Our family has a puppet minstry that we started just as a family but soon added other childern from our church. We are called the Kingdom Puppets, so far we have done many shows at church, and then 2 in public parks this summer.  We are a young group in that the oldest is 13 the youngest is 7. We also just got two new puppets Charlotte and Claude, these are in memory of my husbands grandparents. My nepews raised all the money needed to buy these puppets, and I am so proud of them.

The kids work hard at every practice, and put there all into the shows, and best of all they enjoy sharing there faith with others. My son Conner always prays that if any one who sees the show doesn't know Jesus  that they will ask him into there hearts so that they can go to heaven some day. It touches me that my childern think this way, and want to do something about it. Puppets are great for childern as the younger ones work hard because they love the Lord, the teenagers work hard because they love the Lord and it's fun. I love it because my childern are learning to share there faith with others and it is a great activity to do as a family.

So if you are ever looking at something to do as a family and like us don't sing very well, look at puppets.

I' ve been tagged

1. What is your favorite all-time movie?

I don't know, now all time favorite book would be Rose in Bloom.

2. Where is your favorite place on earth?

   These are hard, I guess the pine woods at my home. It is very peaceful there.

3. Do you run a home business, and if yes, then what is it you do?

No, but I do e- bay some and sell books on-line

4. What are some lessons in life you had to learn the hard way?


That mom and dad are right sometimes.

5. Assuming you're a parent, what is the one thing you are happiest to see in your children?


There love for the Lord and caring for other people not only there needs but there souls.

6. What would you like written on your headstone someday?


Loving Mom and wife

7. What is your favorite type of family entertainment? Reading, TV, boardgames, kickball etc?


Reading together, in front of a fire all cozy with our books and blankets.

Kathryn's Feet


Well I meant to write this about a week ago but things got a little busy around here, more on that later.

This is a photo that I found on my camera, it was taken by my daughter Kathryn, when I saw it I thought hmm blog entry.




Will these feet take her to the ends of the world, or just next door. Will they ache from a hard day of work or will  they swell from the birth of a child. Will they carry her off to school and someday down the aisle? How big will these feet grow as she grows taller? I wonder all of this and more, then I remember only the Lord knows were she will go and what these feet will do. So instead of wondering, I will hug my daughter and tell her that I will love her forever no matter what her feet may do, and her Lord will to.


   Happy 5th Birthday Kathryn

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

A trip to the airport

Well this morning I was up at 4am to take my oldest son to the airport, as he is on his way to Colorado to visit his dad, and grandparents. I am sure he will have plenty of adventurers while he is there. He is growing up so fast, sometimes he is a little adult other times I shake my head and ask why did he do that.

Like last night he had a marker war with he friend and he had brown washable marker on his face, I told him to wash up, but he didn’t listen very well. Well we got to the airport and I looked at his face and it was covered in marker, after checking him in I sent him to wash up, and only some of it came off. So after getting through security, I asked “Did you use soap?” answer from teenage son” No why?” Sent him to the bathroom again to wash face this time with soap and what do you know his face came clean.

Then I said good- bye, and sent him off with a big hug and kiss. I will miss him, as he will not be home until the end of August. And when I got home all the other childern were still asleep.