Thursday, August 11, 2005

Storing School Supplies


I have things in a couple of spots that I store school supplies, downstairs in the family room are 6 bookshelves that hold all of the books not needed for school that week. But still available for reading.

We live in a split level home and there is a closet at the top of the stairs that was for coats, well the kids hang there coats in their rooms and I use the downstairs closet by my room. So we turned that closet into an office with a door. It holds a 2-drawer file cabinet, an 8 drawer plastic cart for school supplies, a paper sorter from Sam's Club that holds lined paper, colored paper, etc. On top of this I have 6 magazine holders that hold workbooks, and papers for each child. Then I have two shelf’s one holds my binders for TOG, and older sons textbooks. Then the top one has photo boxes to store markers, paints, extra school supplies in anything I don't want my 5 year old using without supervision. It also holds the microscope, and bins for odd and ends.

Downstairs there is a closet that I use for art supplies not used every week, like dollies, beads, etc.

And in the dining room were we actually do school I have a large hutch, most of it holds dining items except for on one side were I stack the other kids text books.

Then we have a wicker basket in the living room that holds library books.

When we first moved here I tried to have a schoolroom downstairs in the family room area with fireplace and everything. Well the kitchen is up stairs, and the TV was downstairs, and I like schooling at the dining room table (which is a 9 ft buffet table from Sam’s thank you DH).

I do want to get some more photo boxes I think I can fit 4 more in there. I also still need to update the labels on the drawers and binders for this school year.

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