Monday, August 8, 2005

The Fall from a Tree

Ok the reason I have not posted much in the last couple of days is because of two young boys Conner my son and Domininc my nephew. Last Wendsday night about 5 min before calling them in for bathtime, I hear a crack and Aunt Margery !! Both of them had just fallen from about 20 ft to the ground. I ran Conner was ok, hurt but ok, Dominic well he was bleeding and crying.

After a trip to the hospital and over 12 hrs, Conner was OK, Dom needed stiches as he had ripped his earlobe off  from his head. He also had a brusie on his lung but was otherwise OK. So after the ER I met his parents half- way between our houses as he lives 4 hrs away, and he felt better once he had his mom. The only reason his mom did not come to the hospital right away is beacuse I told her not to as I didn't want her having an accident at night.

I should have known better then to think cool Dom and Danille have been here since July 4th and nobody has gotten hurt. And yesterday at Grandma's were did we catch them but up in another tree.


Well this week Conner is at horse camp, and I pray he doesn't get hurt.

Life with boys is never boring for long.

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  1. Amen to that line! Thanks for visiting my blog. Sounds like you have your own traumatic trials this week.