Thursday, August 11, 2005

VBS Day 3

We are doing VBS this week at church, we had it all set up outside as we had a flood in the spring that wiped out the downstairs .And about 3 hrs before VBS a storm came though and wiped out the tents and all the things in the tents. So the first night was a little confusing as we tried to dry off everything and move everything inside. Tuesday went much better with everyone going were they were supposed to go. And here are some pictures from last night.


This would be my DH .

This is the herb and spice shop, were the kids are learning about spices and making spice bags.

Here is one of the tribe leaders and the Roman Guard who maintains the order.


We also have a candy shop, weaving shop, music shop,  jewlery shop, and pottery shop. The childern are enjoying it, next year I think we should make the groups by age as we either have little ones 4-5 or older ones 10-13.

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