Tuesday, August 2, 2005

A trip to the airport

Well this morning I was up at 4am to take my oldest son to the airport, as he is on his way to Colorado to visit his dad, and grandparents. I am sure he will have plenty of adventurers while he is there. He is growing up so fast, sometimes he is a little adult other times I shake my head and ask why did he do that.

Like last night he had a marker war with he friend and he had brown washable marker on his face, I told him to wash up, but he didn’t listen very well. Well we got to the airport and I looked at his face and it was covered in marker, after checking him in I sent him to wash up, and only some of it came off. So after getting through security, I asked “Did you use soap?” answer from teenage son” No why?” Sent him to the bathroom again to wash face this time with soap and what do you know his face came clean.

Then I said good- bye, and sent him off with a big hug and kiss. I will miss him, as he will not be home until the end of August. And when I got home all the other childern were still asleep.


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  1. We are considering sending our two oldest to grandparents by plane so I may be doing the same thing as yourself. Since I was struck by your son's marker was I choose you to tag. My own kids have had several marker wars. lol

    Guess what? You've been tagged! BarbaraFrank tagged me, but this time the rules have been changed slightly. She added a new question at the end of her list and encouraged everyone she tagged to do the same. Right now we're at seven questions, so the list is still short enough that you should feel free to add one as well if you like. Then send it to five other bloggers.

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