Sunday, July 31, 2005

Free Summer Activities


There are two words that I love when it comes to activities, well three in the summer. They are fun, free, and air conditioned, on Friday we checked out one of these it was the Hands on Science center at SUNY Oneonta It is located in the basement of the Physical Science building on the college campus. There were tons of hands on activities, from microscopes, to friction and everything in-between. Best of all we were the only ones there for the two hours we spent there. Each of the children I had with me were engrossed the whole time, we even received a complement on how well behaved the children were. We would have spent more time there but it closes at 4pm, so it is defiantly on the list to do again this winter, when cabin fever hits. Here are some pictures from the time we spent there.





Kathryn compareing air bubbles in water vs Karyo syrup.



Husband Don and son Conner learning about static electricity.



Nolan learning about air flow and how he needs more air for a heavier object.


Kathryn learning about friction.



Don and Sarah looking at there fingernails under the mircoscope.


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