Thursday, July 28, 2005

Curriculum Choices

My choices in curriculum for my 9th grade son are:


Tapestry of Grace Year 4- this will cover reading, writing, history, art history, and church history, American government.


Elementary Algebra – by Harold Jacobs


Exploring Creation through Biology – by Wile and Durnell


Lantia Christaisa level 1 and 2 – by Cheryl Lowe


Introductory Logic- by Douglas Wilson and James Nance


A typing program – which one yet I don’t know


So he will end up with the following credits:

History – 1

English- 1

Art History -.5

Math – 1

Science- 1

Latin – 1 maybe .5 depends on how much time he spends on it.

Logic - .5 (maybe 1 if he likes it and we do the second book too.)

Typing - .5

Phys Ed - .5 (maybe 1 depends on how much time he spends on it.)

Government -. 5

So he will have at least 7.5 credits possibly of 8.5 credits.


He also will be doing Civil Air Patrol work, but I am not going to give school credit for it except for the PT hours.

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