Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tramp to the Klondike part 3

April 25- Sunday Morning. Nabton, State of Washington. The Sun is shining and it is a beautiful day. Saw a flock of wild geese flying a little way from the train. The country along the road looks more like farming then in Dakota and Montana, though not to flattering. They have to irrigate to be sure of a crop and that is worse then under draining, but as we go down into the state it looks better. Lots of fruit trees in bloom, some very large orchards could be seen but too much sage bush. We are in sight of snow all the time. Further up the mountain the snow is from six inches to a foot over the ground. On the top of the Cascade Mountains we go through a mountain two miles long. As we go to the other side we go up and down, around the hills across the ravines. Zip we go, and here at last we are in Tacoma, Washington about 1pm. We took a room in the Grand Central Hotel. Beds 25 cents, meals at restaurants 10 cents up. Tacoma is a very fine city, 25,000 inhabitants. In the city of Tacoma Mr. Dallas found a relative, but by the way rather distant, an old miner by the name of C.A. Broken. Mr. and Mrs. Broken were very entertaining. In our conversation we found that he was very fortunate in the commencement of his mining career, having made $80,000 the first year and now has an interest in a gold mine in California. This is a good place to live in; several things to interest a person. Fishing is good and any amount of game. The roads are in good condition for cyclers; thousands on the road. It was not safe in the streets. Wheels as thick as bees in a swarm. A boatload of men, women, and children came over from Seattle, and every one of them had a bike. After having spent a very pleasant time in Tacoma, we left for Seattle on the 28th and found it a city of 65,000 inhabitants. The country between Tacoma and Seattle, is the most beautiful we have yet seen, but after all give us old Ohio. Ohio forever. Irrigation to us seems to be the greatest drawback in Washington. Here are very large dairies. We saw hundreds of calves in pasture, orchards in full bloom and garden truck well advanced. Peas six inches high and other truck accordingly. We walked a great deal over the city. The ocean comes up to the town. Streamers come here to be loaded. There is one going to Alaska in the morning.

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