Wednesday, November 30, 2005

POP! Ssssss... What's that noise?

Hi.  This is the Eagle's Nest Dad again.


I had several days off to enjoy with the family a couple of weeks ago during Veteran's Day weekend.  That was fun.  I spent most of my time fixing things that had broken while I have been away.  My wife had also managed to drive around everywhere with the van tires having on 18 PSI in the tires.  For those that may not know, they should have 36 PSI.  They looked virtually flat!

Being the good husband, I put 36 PSI of air in the tires.  Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.  The sidewalls were worn and on my may home that afternoon, I had a blowout of a rear tire.  As with most minivans, the spare tire mounted underneath would not come loose.  We needed the tow truck to come and get the tire off and change it.  If you thought that's nothing, you're right!  The next day after church (I was in my dress blues), I was taking the family to Pizza Hut for lunch and POP!  The other rear tire blew out!  I happen to pull over in front of a guy's house (His name is Ernie) who happen to have a manual tire changer a friend of his gave him a couple of years ago.  He saw my van in front of his house with all of us in it when he came home from church.  I had just called a friend of ours to come and get my wife and the two youngest children.  Remember, the spare was already on the van.


Our friend (Steve) came and got my wife and took her home.  She came back with our extra tires from the garage and Ernie changed the tires on the rims.  Both Ernie and Steve helped us with the tire change (It is pretty difficult to try and change a tire in a dress uniform and try not to get it dirty.


Our winter tires arrived the next day in the mail that I ordered the previous week.  Mounted and balanced.  I left to go back to my base and my wife took the van to have the new tires put on.


The Lord works in mysterious ways.  The first blowout came near enough to my house that I made it home as the tire went flat and the second near a guy who had a tire changer when in the country, most places are closed on Sundays.  Then the new tires for winter showed up the next day.


However, come this spring, it looks like I'll be buying new tires.

Friday, November 4, 2005

Thanksgiving Follies

To give everyone a good laugh as Thanksgiving nears, these are true stories that have happened to me.

1. All turkeys have 2 holes one at each end.

I found the gravey packet but could not find the neck and liver. I knew turkeys came with them in a small paper bag, as my mom always cooked them for the dog. But as much as I searched that turkey I could not find them any where. So I thought that they forgot to but them in this turkey. Until it came time to carve the turkey, well everyone had a good laugh and I found out a turkey has a hole in each end.

2. Canberries in a can are soild when in the cupboard.

My mom always put the can of cranberries in the fridge the night before thanksgiving. So I always thought it was a liquid and you had to place it in the fridge to make it soild, like you would do jello. Well we were at my MIL for thanksgiving and she tells me to get the cranberries so I look in the fridge, they are not there. She tells me there in the cupboard and I start to get upset, there is no way those cranberries will be jelled for dinner we eat in 15 min. She looks at me like I am crazy, I said they are a liguid you have to put them in the fridge to get them to jell. Well everyone started to laugh, I didn't belive them until I saw the can opened. My mom chimed in that she always ut them in the fridge because she liked them cold.

3. When the turkey goes missing, it's likely it just rolled away.

I had to go buy a fresh turkey as my mil could not eat the frozen one we had gotten from work. It was a busy day and I was tired, well I got to the car and started to load the food in. This was not in the best section of town, so when I bent down to get the turkey it was gone. Thought #1 some one took my turkey, well they must have needed it more then me. Then I was like I will go back to the store maybe they forgot to put it in the cart. Well they didn't have it, so I went back to the car and cried as I really wanted to impress my mil with dinner. Then I went back in to try to buy another one after deciding what other food I could return to pay for another turkey. And at the front desk they had my missing turkey the cart boy had found it sitting in the parking lot, it had rolled off the bottom of the cart and I didn't even notice. I felt better and went home to cook the turkey.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

The Girls room

Well we are expecting a new baby in April and I feel the need to move the other childern around and repaint the rooms. So Sarah's room is going to be purple, many different shades  with a hippy feel to it. I think that will last her until she is 18, I can hope. Kathryn will also be getting her own room which she will share with the computer. She wanted pink, but I was not to happy with that idea. So I gave her a bunch of other choices and we are going with a garden room. I will paint the floor white, leave  the walls blue and paint a picket fence around the room. Then I will add some frogs and ladybugs. And Pat says she needs clouds to.

I wanted to paint a tree but my oldest said mom you can't paint a tree, so he said have dad do it. So little does dad know but he is painting a 9ft tree in Kathryn's room when he comes home for a visit. I think that the garden idea for her is a good one as she is 5, and this should last until she is a teenager. And being that she will be sharing with the computer for a while I think Dad will like it to.

The boys will all be going into one room, and when asked what color thet said green. That is going to take some thought, as the color green they picked is alien green, and I am having some trouble with that color. But we will see I will do the girls rooms first as they are smaller rooms.