Wednesday, November 2, 2005

The Girls room

Well we are expecting a new baby in April and I feel the need to move the other childern around and repaint the rooms. So Sarah's room is going to be purple, many different shades  with a hippy feel to it. I think that will last her until she is 18, I can hope. Kathryn will also be getting her own room which she will share with the computer. She wanted pink, but I was not to happy with that idea. So I gave her a bunch of other choices and we are going with a garden room. I will paint the floor white, leave  the walls blue and paint a picket fence around the room. Then I will add some frogs and ladybugs. And Pat says she needs clouds to.

I wanted to paint a tree but my oldest said mom you can't paint a tree, so he said have dad do it. So little does dad know but he is painting a 9ft tree in Kathryn's room when he comes home for a visit. I think that the garden idea for her is a good one as she is 5, and this should last until she is a teenager. And being that she will be sharing with the computer for a while I think Dad will like it to.

The boys will all be going into one room, and when asked what color thet said green. That is going to take some thought, as the color green they picked is alien green, and I am having some trouble with that color. But we will see I will do the girls rooms first as they are smaller rooms.

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