Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tourette Syndrome

Our son Nolan has Tourette syndrome, which are tics of both the verbal type and non verbal type. It was just this year that we learned that Nolan's behaviors had a name and a reason. Up until this year we just thought Nolan was just a little odd. We are not treating his tics just making sure that people do not pick on him, he has facial tics were he moves his face and nose , and hand tics that give me the willies, and he makes a hump noise with this mouth.

He does these things with out him knowing that he is doing them. He is also the smartest kid I know, he can tell you about any thing he has ever read. He is in third grade but tests out for reading and verbal and spelling  at over 8th grade.

Due to these things we will be adding him to our children that are home schooled next year. As the school can not give him enough to learn and the kids are starting to pick on him.

Pluses for me in homeschooling Nolan are that he is very organized and likes to follow a check list. We will be telling him that he will me home schooled at the end of the year.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Dentisit

I took all 5 older kids to get there teeth cleaned. It went well Conner has some very small cavities but they are not going to fill them at this time. Nolan has to get a tooth pulled, but that is in order to get his braces. He was born with a extra tooth, that  belongs no where in his mouth. And Sarah well she has two cavities so she will need those filled before her braces go on. Next up annual check-ups for all the kids.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eye Doctor

Yesterday I took all the children to the eye doctor for their yearly eye exam. The best part we walked out with a mom who was still mellow as all the kids were pretty well behaved. Sarah still needs glasses in fact her eyes are getting a little worse, but as we tell her if she actually wore her glasses she could see a lot better. And Pat for the first time is getting glasses to help with reading strain.

And the real funny part is as Nolan was getting his eyes checked the doctor was looking at his eye lids and Nolan started telling us all about how turtles do not have eye lids at all. They have tears that flow all the time. And we learned alot of facts from Nolan about turtles. This is also the child who is sitting next to me and telling me how to spell words that I can not figure out. As my Dh will tell any one my wife may be able to read a novel or argue any history idea, but she cannot not spell.

Well it is off to take all the kids to the dentist today for cleanings.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Joys of reading

Dh caught these two on Sunday afternoon.

Kathryn has just started reading alot, so she reads to Aidan as he is always ready to listen to a story.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Review Sheet Ch 7 Streams of Civilization

We use Streams of Civilization for Pat history this year, I type up a sheet for him to fill in as he reads.

Important Dates:


Republic –



The Etruscans:


They were from:


The Etruscans were able to easily over take the people already living in the area because: ______________________________


This happened around the year: ____________


They established the cities of _____________,_____________,____________.


The city of __________was already established before they invaded.




While trading with the Greeks they received ___________, and_________________. In trade for _________,_________,__________,___________,and ___________.


Etruscans women were allowed to ____________________, and some even __________________.


Art and Religion:


At the beginning there art showed ______________________, later there art changed and showed ________________________.


They were controlled by there religions rituals and not a sense of __________, and ___________.


There three main gods were _________,________________, and _______________.


They also believed in demons one named ___________, was pictured as ____________________________.



Emergence of Rome


The Romans gained political Etruscans in _____________.


One reason for the fall of the Etruscan empire was a belief that a nation’s life span was ______ to ___________ years.


Therefore when they approached the end of that time period they gave up.


Etruscan Influence:


Some things adopted from the Etruscans by the Romans were the ___________, a man’s main garment.


They also adopted:







As far as war the Romans copied there:






The Romans also adopted the gladiator games from them. Gladiator games were –











The early Roman Republic


They had a government called a _____________.

The leaders of this government were called ______________.


Roman households were ruled by the _________, this lead to all Romans having __________for authority and also ____________.


The Roman General Assembly consisted of all __________of Rome.


While the members of the Senate were _______________.


The two consuls were chosen from this group to rule for one year to prevent anyone from gaining too much power they had to wait ____________ to be reelected.


Class Struggle:


 The rich were called ___________________and were____________________.


The other class was called ___________________, they were ________________________.




The Senate was consisted mainly those from the _____________class, so many laws and courts cases were unfair toward the _______________ class.


The Laws were eventually recorded on _______________, and placed in the _________________, all boys had to memorize them as part of there schooling.



The plebeians won the right to have there own representatives called ______________. They were allowed to stand outside the door of the Senate and if they found a law to be unjust they could yell __________.


They were able to earn these rights from the Senate due to the fact that they were needed to ________________ and the Senate wanted to keep them happy.


Some members of the plebeian class were allowed to hold _________________. But instead of fighting for there class they married the rich and class struggle continued.


Roman Expansion


The main reason the Roman fought was to protect there republic.







As they took over the ________________, _________________, and the _________________.

The conquered people were expected to pay ___________, but were allowed to keep there own ____________________.


When they proved they were loyal they were allowed to become _______________.


They only gained land in response to ________________.


The Punic Wars



They wars were between ____________and __________________.


The reason was ______________________.


The wars were called the _____________, because _____________.


The First Phase – happened in _________, over ____________.


One thing the Romans did to win was _________________


They won the cities of 1.____________




The Second Phase happed around ___________, over the country of ______________.


They main leader for the Carthaginians was _________________; he took _____________, _____________, and ____________over the _____________.


While Hannibal had won many battles against the Romans he was counting on the people of ___________ to join him. This did not happen so he roamed the countryside for ___________ doing small battles.


The Romans eventually placed a man named ____________, in charge of the army. His plan was different he _________________________.


The two of them met in battle in _________, at __________.


Carthage lost was required to do the following:




The third phase:


Happened due to the fact that the Romans felt she was still a ________. The way this war began was the Romans ___________________________________________________________. After they won they destroyed the city and plowed the fields with ____________.


The Republic Expands:


Macedonia, Mesopotamia, and Egypt


Write four things that happened.








The Romans made Egypt a protectorate, which means ___________________________.


Conquest of Greece:


The Romans took over the city of Corinth in _________BC.

And they were placed under the rule of __________________.


The Romans hired __________ to teach there children, and soon ____________,_____________,_______________,________, and _______________ were part of Roman Culture.



Two main problems the Romans had due to there growth as a republic were:









When the farmer/ soldiers returned from wars in foreign lands they found that there farmland was taken by the large landowners due to _______________. The large landowners no longer needed the farmers because they had ___________.


The middle class was dying out; there was much _______________, in the elections.


Tiberious Gracchus was the grandson of ___________. He was elected to the office of ____________, in ____________.


He passed a law limiting the amount of land a person could own the rest was to be divided among the __________.


This law as vetoed by another Tribune_________.


He had the senate ____________the tribune.


He felt that his ideas were so important that he could bend the rules. One rule that he bent was _____________________________________.


The patricians did what to stop him?







Who was elected in his place?




Two things he did during his term were?








How did he die?





The roman Army changed under the leadership of ___________. He made a ___________________.


There was one big problem with this that will affect Roman history later and it was ________________________________________________________________________________________________.


The First Civil War


The war was between the __________________ and _______________. The two leaders chosen for this ware were _____________for the Senate and _____________for the General Assembly.



In the end _________became Dictator of Rome. He was dictator for _____________which was longer then the ______the law allowed.


The Republic Comes to an End


Three men became consuls of Rome they were ____________,_____________________,and_________________.

There government started in ______________BC, was called a ___________________.









When ____________was the consul and______________was in France fighting. _______________was killed in______________. In __________BC the Senate called _____________back home. He knew that if he disbanded his army and returned he would be killed. So he crossed the ____________with his army.



Julius Caesar declared himself ________________, and ___________was killed in Egypt.


While he only ruled for 5 years he passed many good laws including:










Two groups of people joined together to kill him and on March 15 or the __________of March he was _______________.


His heir was Octavian who joined with ___________________, to defeat the ones who killed Caesar. They ruled for ____________.


_________________traveled to __________, were he fell in love with_______________________.


He and _____________, died when they _______________________.


Octavian then took the name ____________________, and was the first _____________________..

Monday, March 12, 2007

Taking the kids out to eat

We were at Pizza Hut for a Sunday dinner, and I noticed something we actually order the party meal deal they have in order to feed our family. We have also found that they always seat us at the same table, the only one that fits 8 people. Pizza Hut happens to be one of the cheapest places for us to eat out as a family; we usually go twice a month.

Why to we even take our large by today’s standards family out to eat, because we want them to be comfortable and know how to behave in a restaurant setting. While eating out they practice the skills of reading a menu, ordering, asking nicely for refills, and behaving in a restaurant.

Some if the many things the kids do while waiting for there food is play tic tac toe with there straws and the sugar packets. We also play Family quiz show were Dad goes around the table asking math, spelling and other school questions.

It always makes you feel that you are doing the right thing when some one in the restaurant comes up to you on there way out and tells you what a wonderful family you have.

But of course this Sunday during dinner out the kids were having a fit of the sillies and started taking in rhyme. Pat said “How about a Whale in a pail with a snail? “ And my response was “Dad might get mad, or glad or even sad but it could just be a fad. “  We also had Pat the rat, Nat the cat, the mouse in the house, a fox in a box, and a cat in the hat. It was quite fun, and I think we have read enough Dr. Seuss to the baby.

Blue and Gold Dinner

This handsome man is Conner my Webelos 1 cub scout, this is before he recived four more pins for Scholar,Fitness,Athlete and Traveler. He also earned his Webelo badge and is starting on his compass points for Arrow of Life.

And this handsome man is Nolan my Bear Cub Scout, At the blue and Gold he recived his Bear badge and a gold arrow and a sliver arrow.

And here is the whole Pack 51 and there fearless leader.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I am so happy

Dh just got me a new camera so I will be posting more pictures later of the kids. The best part was the deal he got on it and the fact that it fits my old media card in it.

Friday, March 9, 2007


Teamwork that is something our children learned about today, that as a family we are a team and if each member of that team does its job then the team works.

 Our house has gotten out of control lately (attitude and messes) so when DH and I went out for breakfast today we discussed the kids, house, and attitudes. What was working what wasn’t working.

Step one was this afternoon, we choose a room for each child to clean. Sarah was given her room, Patrick the dining room, Conner the living room, and Nolan the hallway. Kathryn was to clean her room but Aidan was awake so she played with him as her job. Don supervised Nolan and Conner, and I checked Sarah and Patrick’s work. With in a couple of hours those rooms were looking real nice. At dinner we praised them for working so hard and as a reward  had ice-cream for snack tonight.

Tomorrow Don has some repair jobs for the boys to work on and I have some floors for the girls to wash, then we have signs to make for an up coming puppet show. To wrap the day up Conner and Nolan have there Blue and Gold Dinner  tomorrow night.

We are also going to reapply some household rules that we had in the past that went by the wayside when Don was gone. The one starting Monday is no computers on school days except for schoolwork or 10 min for the older kids to check there e-mail. This also means no game boy or x-box, and no computer for mom and dad till after 9pm or before 6:30 am.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Laundry Monster

This entry is in response to my sil Mary’s blog were she is  talking about living more simply. Well  here at the Eagles Nest we have had a very busy year a new baby and dad’s travels.

One thing that we have been working on is the mountain of laundry that we have each day. Some changes we have made are a family closet or really a kid’s closet. This is in the laundry room were I have a large shelving unit that holds three banker boxes for each child. One for pants or shorts in the summer, shirts, and one for pj’s and undies


We have goals on what we want for each child as far as clothes go, and we are slowly getting there. One thing is I regularly go though the boxes to get rid of clothes or add new ones, for every item of clothes that we add from a store or a bag of clothes then we pass on one item.


For the younger boys the goals for winter clothes are:


2 pair of dress pants (blue, tan)

2 dress shirts (white, blue)

5 pair jeans

2 long sleeve red polo’s

2 long sleeve blue polo’s

2 red t-shirts

2 blue t-shirts

4 other t-shirts

4 other shirts w collars

4 underwear

2 pj’s

1 red sweater

1 other sweater or vest

1 gray hoodie

1 blue sweat pant


The baby has more clothes as he needs clean pj’s each night and sometimes more then one outfit a day.




2 pair dress pants (black, tan)

5 pair jeans

5 t-shirts

5 other shirts

3 dresses

2 skirts

6 sets of undies

2 hoodie

2 sweaters

2 pj’s

1 sweatpants




7 pants

3 turtlenecks

6 other shirts

3 skirts (tan, black, pink)

3 dresses

6 sets undoes

1 pink hoodie

2 sweaters

2 pj’s


My oldest son isn’t a problem as he is growing so fast it is hard to keep him in clothes. And as for me and dh that is another story.