Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tourette Syndrome

Our son Nolan has Tourette syndrome, which are tics of both the verbal type and non verbal type. It was just this year that we learned that Nolan's behaviors had a name and a reason. Up until this year we just thought Nolan was just a little odd. We are not treating his tics just making sure that people do not pick on him, he has facial tics were he moves his face and nose , and hand tics that give me the willies, and he makes a hump noise with this mouth.

He does these things with out him knowing that he is doing them. He is also the smartest kid I know, he can tell you about any thing he has ever read. He is in third grade but tests out for reading and verbal and spelling  at over 8th grade.

Due to these things we will be adding him to our children that are home schooled next year. As the school can not give him enough to learn and the kids are starting to pick on him.

Pluses for me in homeschooling Nolan are that he is very organized and likes to follow a check list. We will be telling him that he will me home schooled at the end of the year.

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  1. Hi,

    I don't know anything about the tics, but I have a friend whose son had it. He would jerk his head, and his eyes did something. This was in late elementary when I met them. Because of the tics, she had him develop juggling skills, and now they're completely gone, and he's a great juggler! I don't know what else she may have done, but I know she testifies that it contributed. He's now 19 and studying toward being an anesthetist/anestheologist.

    for what it's worth.....