Monday, March 12, 2007

Taking the kids out to eat

We were at Pizza Hut for a Sunday dinner, and I noticed something we actually order the party meal deal they have in order to feed our family. We have also found that they always seat us at the same table, the only one that fits 8 people. Pizza Hut happens to be one of the cheapest places for us to eat out as a family; we usually go twice a month.

Why to we even take our large by today’s standards family out to eat, because we want them to be comfortable and know how to behave in a restaurant setting. While eating out they practice the skills of reading a menu, ordering, asking nicely for refills, and behaving in a restaurant.

Some if the many things the kids do while waiting for there food is play tic tac toe with there straws and the sugar packets. We also play Family quiz show were Dad goes around the table asking math, spelling and other school questions.

It always makes you feel that you are doing the right thing when some one in the restaurant comes up to you on there way out and tells you what a wonderful family you have.

But of course this Sunday during dinner out the kids were having a fit of the sillies and started taking in rhyme. Pat said “How about a Whale in a pail with a snail? “ And my response was “Dad might get mad, or glad or even sad but it could just be a fad. “  We also had Pat the rat, Nat the cat, the mouse in the house, a fox in a box, and a cat in the hat. It was quite fun, and I think we have read enough Dr. Seuss to the baby.

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