Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Laundry Monster

This entry is in response to my sil Mary’s blog were she is  talking about living more simply. Well  here at the Eagles Nest we have had a very busy year a new baby and dad’s travels.

One thing that we have been working on is the mountain of laundry that we have each day. Some changes we have made are a family closet or really a kid’s closet. This is in the laundry room were I have a large shelving unit that holds three banker boxes for each child. One for pants or shorts in the summer, shirts, and one for pj’s and undies


We have goals on what we want for each child as far as clothes go, and we are slowly getting there. One thing is I regularly go though the boxes to get rid of clothes or add new ones, for every item of clothes that we add from a store or a bag of clothes then we pass on one item.


For the younger boys the goals for winter clothes are:


2 pair of dress pants (blue, tan)

2 dress shirts (white, blue)

5 pair jeans

2 long sleeve red polo’s

2 long sleeve blue polo’s

2 red t-shirts

2 blue t-shirts

4 other t-shirts

4 other shirts w collars

4 underwear

2 pj’s

1 red sweater

1 other sweater or vest

1 gray hoodie

1 blue sweat pant


The baby has more clothes as he needs clean pj’s each night and sometimes more then one outfit a day.




2 pair dress pants (black, tan)

5 pair jeans

5 t-shirts

5 other shirts

3 dresses

2 skirts

6 sets of undies

2 hoodie

2 sweaters

2 pj’s

1 sweatpants




7 pants

3 turtlenecks

6 other shirts

3 skirts (tan, black, pink)

3 dresses

6 sets undoes

1 pink hoodie

2 sweaters

2 pj’s


My oldest son isn’t a problem as he is growing so fast it is hard to keep him in clothes. And as for me and dh that is another story.

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  1. i love this idea and am contemplating using it in my own home. Do you have any pictures to post?