Monday, November 6, 2006

A Polish wedding

13 years ago I married my dh a Irish man, I on the other hand have a Polish background. So our wedding was English, but the reception was Polish. One of the things I still remember from all those years ago besides my dad and uncles singing Puff the Magic Dragon. Was the Oczepiny cermony  after this I was really married, my dh got to wear a really fun hat ,and on this hat were all the things wished for him. There were alot of little babies if I remember, along with a house and money



Rosnie Trawka
The Unveiling Song

As lovely green grass grows, throughout the promised land,
Before the main altar, you've given Don your hand.
You've given Don your hand, he gave a golden band,
Your eyes swelled up with tears, before your friends on hand.
Twelve lovely white petals, attached to this white rose, (I carried a white rose with twelve petals down the aisle )
Twelve heavenly angels, will serve the bride they chose.
The first angel has brought a white candle's brilliance, (I was given a candle from one of my aunts.)
The second angel brought, a lily's full fragrance. (I was given a lily)
The third angel has brought a lovely bouquet to hold, (I was given a small bouquet)
The fourth angel has brought, your wedding band of gold. (we were given some fake gold rings)
The fifth angel has come, with blessings from the Lord, (I was handed a Bible)
The sixth angel has come, with matrimonial accord.  (I was handed a rolling pin )
Remaining six angels, come with a crown so keen, (I was given a white head covering, and it replaced the veil I wore for my wedding.)
They'll place it on your head, as if upon a queen.
You promised to be true, love honor and obey,
In all your days ahead, uphold your vows today.
Remember to be good, and live in wedded bliss.
And in our presence now, honor him with a kiss.
Remember Margery, be true, your right hand on the cross,
You've pledged your life and love, to Don who is the boss.
Oh wedding gown and crown, somehow you make me sad,
You make me feel that I'm losing my mom and dad.
And yet with mom and dad, no longer shall you live,
But only with your Don, to whom your life you give.
Remember to be good, and live a life of prayer,
And in a year or two, present him with an heir.


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  1. we also have been married 13 years this year :)