Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reading goals for Jan 2012

At first I thought about making a list of reading goals for the year and decided that would be a bit ambitious, and I am not ambitious the week between Christmas and New Years. So instead I have decided to go with monthly goals.

This month I am aiming to read books that fit into the following categories:

A classic
A history
A skill type book
The Bible
and something for just pleasure

So far this month I have picked out:

As my classic for the month

My "Skill" book for the month

My History book

From the bible my goal is Proverbs for this month

As far as a book for pleasure well that you really can't pick out ahead of time, part of the pleasure is looking the the shelves and finding the perfect book for that perfect time.

So what are you reading this month?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Found a great OMAC site

While I was looking on line for some new freezer recipes I found a great new site, and spent way more time then I should have on there.  I will be sharing later some of the recipes I am going to try from the site, but for now here is the link and I hope you find a new meal or two to add to your freezer this month.


They have frezzer meals based on whole foods only, veggie plans, diet plans, and regluar OMAC plans.

So grab a cup of tea, a comfy spot to sit and enjoy.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome back

Since it is a new year I have thought about what was I spending my time on line doing and was it good or bad. There was a message board that I was spending a lot of time on and it was a good board but things change and blogging is something that I think I need to spend more time  on. Blogging is a record of our family, my thoughts and goals, much like the household notes and diaries of women in the past. Plus when you post your menu on-line and not a scrap of paper you can find it.

This past year has been a busy one, with many trips including a month long trip to OK City, then a week camping with the extended family in Allegany , then the younger children and I went to my mom's for a week to plan a shower for my brothers wedding. Then it was back to Niagara Falls for the wedding, then this December we took the kids on a NCL Cruise for a week.

In all of that travel we also did field hockey for Kathryn and soccer for the boys, I started a job in October , and our area had a major flood in September. The girls have had scouts, the older boys CAP, the little boy Kids Club and more. I think I need to find time to breathe.

And here is what all the fun this year has been about, family.
My grandparents, parents, brother and sisters, spouses, and children.
One child is missing was at college.

Looking forward to blogging this year and trying some new things.

COCO Beach Dec 2011

Nassau Bahamas Dec 2011

Allegany State Park July 2011

Allegany State Park 2011

Ricky's Wedding Sept 2011