Saturday, February 14, 2015

My sweet husband

This is my gift that my sweet husband gave me back in Aug. for our 21 anniversary 21 note cards one for each year with a nickel for that year and a reflection for that year, I think Valentines day is the perfect time to share it with others. Ok really I am looking for a paper that I need and I just found this again in a "safe" place, but still no paper that I need to find.

1993- Active Duty in Saudi Arabia
           Married Margery
           Sarah was born
           Pat became mine to help raise
           Our lives together was just beginning
1994- Bought our first home together
          Started back to College
          The adventure continues
1995- Finish associates Degree
           I could have never done it without you
1996- Conner is born
           Our lives were changed forever
1997- Started working for the Federal Government as a Civilian with the DOD
          You helped me to achieve this goal through perseverance ... and a call to Congress
1998- Nolan was born
           Our lives were again changed forever and you became a stay at home mom
1999- Called to active Duty in Kosovo and served in Germany
           You held the family together
2000- Kathryn was born
           Served on active duty in Columbia ( my add the boys had the chicken pox while he was gone )
           Worked with the Thunder Birds
           You worked for the census Bureau and continued to raise our children
2001- Started working for the FAA in Binghamton
           Moved to Castle Creek
           9/11 Happened
           The world was changed forever
2002- Moved our family into a new home in Afton
           We were happy to live in the country and have lots of room for the kids to grow
           ( Two cross country trips to OK City with the family )
2003-Called to Active Duty for Operation Iraqi Freedom, spent the entire time in Niagara Falls,NY
          Took the family on vacation to Disney World
2004-Received promotion to Master Sergeant in USAFR
          You were an Angel, a saint, and a rock
2005-  Served on Active Duty for Operation Enduring Freedom Spent the rest of 2005 in Niagara Falls
            You proved to be amazingly Strong
            I lost a Bet ..."AHEM"
2006- Aidan ( the Bet) was born
           Served on Active Duty in Qatar
           You kept your sanity and the family together
2007- Became Chief Quality Assurance Inspector for the 914th
          First full year in Five Year without deployment
          Things started to get quiet ( for having 6 kids)
2008- A full year of mostly uneventful stuff
2009- Started acting in theater in the production of " Oklahoma!" wife and kids convinced me to audition.
          you created a monster and almost everyone of the kids performed on stage afterwards.
          Aidan kept on singing " poor Jude is Dead"
2010- Retired from the military with 22 years of service
          New changes and challenges ahead
         Pat graduated from high school and headed to college
         We went on our first family cruise
         You worked for the census again
          Sarah went to Switzerland
2011- Went on Sarah's Senior Cruise
           ( Took the younger 4 kids to OK City for a month and a half)
           ( I started a regular part- time job )
2012- Had a Barbershop Quartet sing to you for Valentine's Day
           Sarah graduated and went to college
2013-Took you to England and on a transatlantic Cruise for an early 20th Anniversary gift
2014- Received a promotion at work
           ( the one week, 3,000 plus miles road trip )
         Don  Moving to Olathe, Kansas
          Started working on BS in Business Management
          Kathryn to England and Nolan to Duke
          More to come....

My addition for  what is planned to happen in 2015 -
 Nolan and Conner senior cruise
Nolan and Conner graduate high school and start college
Sarah gets Married
Move the family to Kansas
New schools for Kat and Aidan 
Live in the same state as my husband again 
and so much more,