Sunday, February 26, 2012

Menu Planning for March- part 1

I would like to say that I have found the perfect plan for feeding this family of mine, but that would be a lie. Each season is different in what works for me and for them.

I was able to plan the next five weeks of meals out and bought all the food needed to prepare them as one of the issues right now is finding time to shop. Since it is winter, trying to find a day that the weather is nice enough for the drive to the store, the kids don't need me after-school and that I have time to get home before dark is hard if not next to impossible.

I figure 5 weeks was good as that is about how much food my freezer can hold and spring is just around the cornor, and before you ask I will be sending the husband to get milk at the store as needed. I really don't like to ask him pick up more then that as he already works a 10 hour day.

I have looked at our week as it stands and made the menu based activies and who's home for dinner on a certain night.

Sunday- A nice meal that takes time to cook as this is day that after church in the morning we normally do not have much to do.

Monday- is food with a Mexican flavor

Tuesday- is a crock pot meal as this is a day that I do a lot of dropping off and picking up right around dinner time.

Wednesday- for this month is soup at church and leftovers at home if anyone is still hungry.

Thursday- is pasta, this day my husband  who is not a fan of pasta is not home for dinner, so we have pasta.

Friday- is Pizza, we buy the pre-baked crust from Sam's ( 14 to a case for about 15ish dollars) and Conner is the pizza maker around here.

Saturday- is soup/ stew day what recipe I'll make that day I don't know until Friday. I base it on what is happening on Saturday does it need to be in a crock pot, pressure cooker, or is there time to make it on the stove-top and what is leftover in the fridge that can make it's way into a soup.