Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Plans

This year we are trying to be purposeful in our use of time and family activities this Christmas season. I know from experience that if I don’t make a plan then it won’t happen. So we have a 25 day plan of activities that are a balance of fun family activities, service to others,  and hospitality.

We will start of the season on Dec. 1st with the local Christmas Parade, we have two children who are in the marching band, and it is always a fun activity.

Dec. 2nd we will be decorating the main living areas of the house, except for the tree which we will do later.

Dec. 3rd is the school Christmas Concert and we have 3 children involved in that.

Dec. 4th we are doing our first act of service for another in that the children will be preparing with help a meal for another family and delivering it.

Dec. 5th we are making a Christmas craft of some type here at home and helping at church if needed on Christmas food baskets.

Dec 6th is a Thursday and that is a busy day around here, so we will be singing Christmas Songs as we travel along.

Dec 7th we have plans for our first family outing, time to go bowling.

Dec 8th some of the family is busy, but those of us  home are helping out at church in the am to give out food baskets. Then in the afternoon we are baking cookies and decorating bedrooms

Dec 9th We have plans to watch White Christmas and drink Hot Coco

Dec. 10th My daughter will be having her cookie party, in that she gets to invite a bunch of friends over and we are going to decorate cookies.

Dec. 11th  we will be making a meal once again and taking it to another family

Dec 12th  My youngest son will have his cookie party

Dec 13th is once again a Thursday so more music in the van and maybe looking at lights.

Dec 14th is a Family game night

Dec 15th is a trip to watch the Hobbit movie and Christmas Shopping for the younger four to buy a gift for the sibling name they draw.

Dec 16th It’s time to head to the tree farm to buy a tree and decorate it.

Dec 17th It’s time to make Gingerbread houses,

Dec 18th We are going to surprise someone with a Christmas treat

Dec 19th we have plans to Skype with dad as he is traveling

Dec 20th once again we are singing in the van

Dec 21 the kids are wrapping their presents to each other and we are fitting in a another Christmas movie.

Dec 22 we are Caroling with the youth group at Church

Dec 23 we are going to relax and watch a Christmas movie and drink hot coco

Dec 24 is Church and our ultimate ice cream sundaes

Dec 25 is Christmas and time to relax together

And of course along with these activities we have the normal life of work, school, CAP, girl scouts, bowling for the older two at home, field hockey for the girl, and basketball for the youngest.  And we will fit in other things as they arise.