Monday, November 6, 2006


My oldest two went to the Word of Life Superbowl in our area on Friday night. This is a all night youth event, they started out at a hockey game and then on to lots of other fun. The group they were with went bowling, to a indoor gym full of games and then to a indoor soccer place. By the time they got home at 7:30 am they were tired.

Now the oldest my son Pat went to bed for about 4 hrs and then was up for the day. On the other hand Sarah went to bed at 9am Saturday and slept until 8am Sunday morning. Except for dinner on Sat were she was at the table but half a sleep. I didn't think a person could sleep that long.

I would like to give Word of Life and the local church here that took kids a big thank you for taking the time to think of the youth.

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