Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Saturday at home

I was actually glad that it rained today; I just wanted to stay home. So because of the rain soccer for the little ones was cancelled. I ran Sarah and Patrick to church to help with the pancake breakfast, then came home and made a breakfast for the rest of the kids. I even did Mickey Mouse pancakes for Kathryn.

 I then spent more time cleaning the upstairs and dejunking; I also did loads and loads of laundry. I am trying real hard to get the house working well before my dh gets home on the ninth of November.

It is hard to believe that he has been gone for 15 months. We will be getting a break as he did tell me that they can’t call him to active duty again until March of 2008, and he can retire in July 2008 (I think). If he actually retires of not is another story.

I even got in a nap this afternoon with Aidan on my tummy sitting in "my chair ". And I had a really nice surprise when I woke up; Conner says to me “ Mom check out the kitchen.” My thought oh no what did they do, as Pat and Sarah had also taken naps, so it was Conner, Nolan, and Kathryn awake. Well he cleaned the kitchen, loading the dishwasher, wiping the countertop, sweeping the floor, and writing me a note. The note said Mom could you please pretty please make Taco’s for dinner.


I couldn’t say no to that, so off to the farmers market for lettuce and tomato’s and because they close for the season on the 31st I was able to get lettuce for 50 cents a head ,nice ones, and tomatoes for 1.00 a pound. The kids are also finally getting the hang of the new dinner chore system and it went better today. By the time Dad gets home at least dinner chores should be going well.


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