Wednesday, October 25, 2006


We have a new family activity, and it is letterboxing. This is a great activity for our family as the kids range from 6months to 14 years. We have so far gone on one hike it was a chilly day but sunny. We set off from home to a park not to far away. From there we followed the directions I had gotten off the web on how to get the letterbox. The kids had fun following the clues as we hiked along. But while my 14yo had found the right area, it was dad and his eagle eye that found the rock pile covering the letterbox. After looking at the stamp and journal, we used there stamp to stamp our journals. And then we used our stamps to stamp there book. When we have another nice day we will set off on another hike.


Dad stamping our books.



Some of the kids and me.

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  1. I just random blogged my way over here! We also tried letterboxing this summer, and funny, your letterboxing location looks just like ours did! lol!

    Our kids are stair stepped in height too, every six inches from papa down to almost the youngest. We have five blessings

    Merry Christmas!

    Jen blogging at /heartmatters