Monday, October 16, 2006

What a summer- part 1

As I get some time to write as Pat sits next to me doing a book report and baby Aidan take a morning nap. I probely should be doing the wash but, I haven't blogged in a while. Well I guess I will start with the major events outside of our family this summer. The first was the hunt for Bucky an escasped convit, we had to lock our cars and homes, something we do not normally do here. And to get from my home to church we had to pass through 3 check ponits. Were the troopers would stop you and search your car. The kids got to the point were there kept asking did you catch him yet.


And we thought this was going to be the biggest thing this summer, well not 3 weeks after Bucky moved on to another area of the state. We had rain ,lots of rain. I am talking lots. We ended up with a 200 year old flood this was after a 100 year old flood the year before. While our home was OK, many had lots of flood damange. Our Church had water up to the celings of the basement. We lost all of our Sunday school ,craft stuff, files,everything but our puppets. Some one had saved them and washed them for us over and over agian.


Our town Garage

This is a road the metal at the bottom right corner is a guard rail.


It wasn't just the water it was also the fact that it was river water, sewage, mud, fuel oil. It is now October and people are still living in FEMA trailers, which may be ok in the south but are not made to live in through a New York winter. People our still trying to get there heat on. Our church is doing ok, we are doing Sunday school in every nook and corner of the Church. And we do have the basement srubbed down and are deciding on what to do, weather to rebuild or do somthing different.


I do have to say that the churches have come through on this one, the local Presbytary has set up a village for workers to live in as they go from house to house repairing and cleaning out.


For my family it was the damage to our church and the fact that there was no way out of town for three days as all the roads out were washed out, that affected us the most.

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