Friday, March 9, 2007


Teamwork that is something our children learned about today, that as a family we are a team and if each member of that team does its job then the team works.

 Our house has gotten out of control lately (attitude and messes) so when DH and I went out for breakfast today we discussed the kids, house, and attitudes. What was working what wasn’t working.

Step one was this afternoon, we choose a room for each child to clean. Sarah was given her room, Patrick the dining room, Conner the living room, and Nolan the hallway. Kathryn was to clean her room but Aidan was awake so she played with him as her job. Don supervised Nolan and Conner, and I checked Sarah and Patrick’s work. With in a couple of hours those rooms were looking real nice. At dinner we praised them for working so hard and as a reward  had ice-cream for snack tonight.

Tomorrow Don has some repair jobs for the boys to work on and I have some floors for the girls to wash, then we have signs to make for an up coming puppet show. To wrap the day up Conner and Nolan have there Blue and Gold Dinner  tomorrow night.

We are also going to reapply some household rules that we had in the past that went by the wayside when Don was gone. The one starting Monday is no computers on school days except for schoolwork or 10 min for the older kids to check there e-mail. This also means no game boy or x-box, and no computer for mom and dad till after 9pm or before 6:30 am.

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  1. For Lent we gave up the t.v. during the day. I tried all but dh wasn't very corpative. But we made it a rule that it stays off until 7:00 p.m. The chores need to be done by then also so they have free time. We have a list of indiviual chores on a clipboard w/clear contact paper & earserable maker. The kids cross off the chore when they are done. They took responsibliy on making the chore list & carry the boards around.