Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eye Doctor

Yesterday I took all the children to the eye doctor for their yearly eye exam. The best part we walked out with a mom who was still mellow as all the kids were pretty well behaved. Sarah still needs glasses in fact her eyes are getting a little worse, but as we tell her if she actually wore her glasses she could see a lot better. And Pat for the first time is getting glasses to help with reading strain.

And the real funny part is as Nolan was getting his eyes checked the doctor was looking at his eye lids and Nolan started telling us all about how turtles do not have eye lids at all. They have tears that flow all the time. And we learned alot of facts from Nolan about turtles. This is also the child who is sitting next to me and telling me how to spell words that I can not figure out. As my Dh will tell any one my wife may be able to read a novel or argue any history idea, but she cannot not spell.

Well it is off to take all the kids to the dentist today for cleanings.

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