Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Planning the School Year

Well yesterday I spent more time on getting my school year planned. Since my son has issues with handwriting I pre- typed his biology vocabulary words out into a worksheet for unit 1, he will only need to fill out the definitions. I also spent a lot of time pre-reading the book 20th Century by Peter Jennings. I found out that Ernest Hemingway was an ambulance driver in Italy in World War I, I always thought of him as a writer only. What I really like about this book so far is the personal stories that are in it, the first hand accounts of someone who saw the foxholes of World War I, or grew up as a black child in the Deep South with Jim Crow laws. I think that this year of TOG 4 will be an eye opener for both my son and me.

I also spent a chunk of time making planners for him; he will have two planners for the year. One to plan his work out on for the week, and the other to record what he actually gets done and how long it takes him as we need to record hours for high school in New York State. I think that two separate planners will be neater by the end of the year, next week I will get them copied and bound at Office Max.

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