Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Filing away Life

Filing is a chore that I hate to do, but when done the rewards are great. Yesterday I went through the school files from last year in preparation for this upcoming school year; it was hard not to cry. As I saw in writing and in pictures the growth of all my children.

On a deeper level filing is also a reflection of our life. When I file I see the big picture of what we think is important to us. Whether it be receipts for our puppet ministry or Boy Scout and Girl Scout awards. I see all the military paper work, the dental bills, the medical bills, and I think what a life we live. To have a husband who has a steady job, food on the table, and the ability to share Christ with others as a family. I also see the busyness that sometimes takes over; I think do I need to pare down some of the extras, what is really important to God. But then I see our family and think God has blessed us with this life, and as long as we serve God, then I will live the busy life that my family blossoms on.


And now a little about what I saw in my childern's school life as I went though the files. Patrick once again with little effort was able to bring home A’s from the local school, and seeing this reaffirmed the decision we have made to once again home school. Sarah in her first year at the local school worked so very hard and to see her September work compared to her June work is proof of that effort. Conner’s reading just grew this year from a 2.2 at the beginning of the year to a 3.8 at the end, not bad for a boy going into 3rd grade. Nolan well you really cannot put this child into words, one more year of public school for him and he will be home schooled as his learning rate is higher then most. He received an award for straight A’s in all subject’s all year long, and in reading alone he went from 1.1 to 4.0.And last but defiantly not least we have Kathryn the baby, she did a ½ day pre-k and went from a child who was spoiled by her older siblings to one who wants to help.


Since I have a mixture of home schooling, after schooling, and public school, for school filing I do the following. Each week I file a sample of writing, math, photos, and sometimes an art project the rest I toss when they are not looking. Then at the end of the year all of these papers are looked at, some I do toss but most I place into a big envelope label with their name and place in a tote in the garage. I keep in the file their report cards, end of the year testing, and a list of goals. I hope to someday to make a book of their work with samples from babyhood to graduation.


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