Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tramp to the Klondike part 4

April 29- 1897 Cloudy this morning has indications of rain. The name of the boat that sailed was Topeka. Several have been from here to Alaska and have struck it rich. Seattle is a good place to live in. Meals 10 cents, beds 25 cents.


April 30- Sunshine; everywhere beautiful. They tell us that it does not get as hot here as in Ohio, nor as cold in winter. It is quite the seaport. Ships come

here from China and all parts of the globe. A great many different flags are floating in the breeze.


May 1- Raining. Lots of Damp weather in Washington. Saw a six-seated bicycle. There is here a mammoth hotel not completed; the boom went down and work stopped. It would have been a fine structure if completed. The city covers thousands of acres.


May 2- Sun shining. Delightful day. Attended M.E. church; heard a good sermon on the Golden Rule. Attended Young People’s meeting. Sermon in the evening, “ The Good Fight.” It was plain that it was a working church.

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