Monday, August 8, 2005

Kathryn's Feet


Well I meant to write this about a week ago but things got a little busy around here, more on that later.

This is a photo that I found on my camera, it was taken by my daughter Kathryn, when I saw it I thought hmm blog entry.




Will these feet take her to the ends of the world, or just next door. Will they ache from a hard day of work or will  they swell from the birth of a child. Will they carry her off to school and someday down the aisle? How big will these feet grow as she grows taller? I wonder all of this and more, then I remember only the Lord knows were she will go and what these feet will do. So instead of wondering, I will hug my daughter and tell her that I will love her forever no matter what her feet may do, and her Lord will to.


   Happy 5th Birthday Kathryn

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  1. It's amazing what might inspire a blog entry!! Happy Birthday to Kathryn!!!