Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nolan's eye

Ok I had plans for today; the weather was going to be sunny and 70 degrees, great weather to get all that yard work done. Well last night after getting home from a 4 hr trip, we decided to have ramen noodle soup for dinner. The first couple of kids went well, then I hear screaming from the pantry down the hall, Kathryn had gotten the last pack from the one box, well Nolan instead asking for help in opening the new box of soup he used a knife it slipped and went into his eye. So this morning I will be heading to the doctors to get it checked, and he looks like patch the pirate with his eye patch.


The good news is if he doesn’t open his eye it doesn’t hurt. Well I will write more about what we have been up to this week later tonight.

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