Wednesday, September 7, 2005

A Busy Fall

The lazy days of summer are gone and the busy days of fall are here. I was looking at the calendar for Fall and was surprised to see how busy we are, but with dad gone this year I think it will keep them from missing him too much. And since dad is on active duty I can have dinner whenever it works for us, as usually we would wait until Dad got home to eat.

Here is a list on what we will be doing this year:


Sunday – Church and Puppet practice in the evenings

                 Football Game- Conner

Monday- Football – Conner

              Boy Scouts- Conner and Nolan

              Open Swim – Sarah and Patrick

Tuesday- CAP- Patrick

               Football- Conner

Wednesday- Girl Scouts- Kathryn, Sarah, Mom

                    Kids Club – Conner, Nolan, Kathryn, Sarah

                   Open Swim- Patrick

Thursday- Football- Conner

Friday – Football – Conner

Saturday- Soccer- Sarah, Nolan, Kathryn

                Horseback Riding – Patrick, Sarah, Conner, Nolan, Kathryn (only 4 weeks)


It will be a lot slower once November comes around, as soccer, football, and horseback riding will be done. The only winter sports we are doing this year is Basketball as wrestling for Conner is to hard to do with only one parent.


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  1. Eagle's Nest DadSeptember 12, 2005 at 10:26 AM

    As I am away, it is good to see that you are all staying busy. I love you all and look forward to see you whenever I can.