Thursday, September 15, 2005

Feeling Blond and Polish

We have an ongoing joke in our home about some of the things I as mom do as I am blond and Polish. Well I have been wonderning for over a year why is it when I buy alot of food for the frezzer it still is not frozen solid the next morning. The frezzer we have was given to me by mom and dad and I always remember stuff being frozen solid, but mom and dad never bought as much at one time as I do living in the middle of no where.

Well while trying to find papers about someting else, I look in the file cabient and wow there was a file labeled frezzer. So after having this frezzer for over 2 years I read the manual, and found out there is a temp. control on the frezzer. In my defense I have to say it was well hidden behind a panel that didn't look like it was supposed to come off, I had looked before for the temp control and not finding thought it didn't have one.

Well I pried the cover off and found the temp control and it was set at the lowest setting, so I turned it up to a colder setting and hope that it works. I guess I will see in a couple of hours, and with me doing some OMAC tomorrow it is a good thing I found it.

In my house they call this a blond, Polish moment, I will have to write about the case of the missing turkey some time. That one was a really good blond, Polish moment or Margie as it is only something I would do.

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  1. Eagle's Nest DadSeptember 18, 2005 at 1:45 AM

    My loving wife, Margery, does make a few mistakes. But, when she does, they are doozies! That is why we call the "Margies".

    It is nice to be able to keep up with all my family's doings. It frightens me to see some of the bad things going on. It also saddens me seeing the good things, too. Knowing that I am not there to share in these moments leaves my heart heavy. You can't get these back, good or bad. I do look forward to when I am able to return from active duty so that I can partake of these experiences personally. I pray that it is not too late to foster a loving and caring relationship with all of my children and my wife. Things have been stressful for the last few years since this is my second one-year tour in the last three years.

    I love and miss the Eagle's Nest. I will talk with you soon.

    Eagle's Nest Dad