Sunday, September 18, 2005

Filling the freezer

Well I have been doing a restocking of the freezer for winter, and also because of the busy time of fall. So far I have done the ground beef, tomorrow or later today I will do the chicken. Here is a list of what I have in the freezer now:


2- Lasagna

2- Shepard’s pie kit (beef, sauce, corn and cheese I just add the potatoes when I bake it)

2- cubed steak and twice stuffed potatoes

1-     Fish sticks and Mac and cheese

2-     Meatloaf

3-     Hamburger meal

1-     Hot dog meal (2 packs of hotdogs)

1-     Steak-um and sub rolls

1-     Brockwurst

1-     Italian Sausage patty

1-     Taco- Kit (beef, cheese, soft tortilla shells)

2-     Chili Kits (beef and seasoning – add beans and sauce from pantry)

3-     Sloppy Joe kits (beef, rolls, French fries – add sauce pantry)

4-     Ground turkey (this I use in Hamburger helper)


This gives me 26 meals for dinner so far I should get another 7 out of the chicken today.


  1. WHY on earth are you posting the contents of your freezer?! This is totally absurd.

  2. i was "random blogging" and you are the first one in 4 that had something written!

    i envy your full freezer...mine is full of stuff no one wants to eat! LOL!

    that bread recipie looks great too...thanks for posting it!