Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 3 of 80 days of summer

 This is more of a effort of applying myself to write a bit every morning then I thought it would be. I have been out of the habit of blogging and realized that really this is my way of remembering all the small stuff that happens in our busy life. So the eighty days of summer is not only a exercise in finding fun in our summer days but  for me also finding time to return to the habit of blogging.

Yesterday was a Friday which in our home means daddy is home but mom still has to go to work. The kids did get most of their chores on the white board done before I returned home, then it was time to get cleaned up as it was time for Sarah's graduation night.

We headed out to a favorite local restaurant for a early dinner, then it was off to the school for graduation. The youngest two headed off to the playground with  our friend that we had brought along as a sitter, and we headed off to the school building so that Sarah could have some pictures taken.

                                                     Waiting for Graduation to start

Before long graduation started and my little girl who I thought was never going to learn her ABC's graduated from high school. She received 3 scholarships, the Senator Libous Community Service Scholarship, Afton Presbyterian Humanitarian Award, and the National School Choral Award and the President's Award for Educational Achievement.

           Aidan didn't want to be in the picture

And of course while Conner and Nolan were in the choirs and Sarah was graduating the younger two were once again at the playground having lots of summer fun.

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