Thursday, February 3, 2011

All in a day introductions

Well I thought I would join with a group of other mother's many who have families much larger then mine. This week it is all about introductions. Join us if you like the banner can be found here and more details can be found at any of the blogs listed below.

We are a family of 8

Don is the dad of this crew, he enjoys acting in community theater usually with one or more of the kids, he also volunteers for CAP, and is recently retired from the Air Force Reserves. He currently works in a field close to what did in the military.

I am Margery the mom of this crew, I am a stay at home mom most of the time. I enjoy gardening, sewing, cooking, and managing the family. I am a planner at heart, in fact the kids are known to go running when they hear me say " I have a plan"

Patrick is our oldest and is off to college this year, studying Construction management. He is a very hard worker and handles alot of the repairs that we need done around the house. He also enjoys being outside and all that goes with it. We miss him, but enjoy the time we do get to spend with him.

Sarah is our oldest daughter, she is a junior in high school and is also studying law enforcement as part of her high school. She is a wonderful daughter with many interests,she has traveled to Switzerland with her Girl Scout troop, acted in many plays with her dad and siblings, sings in the school choir, lifeguards in the summer,and lots more. She is also a big help at home and can pretty much run the place if I am not here.

Conner is child number 3, and in the 8th grade,he loves to read, and his goal in life is to rule the world.
 He also likes soccer and track and field.

Nolan is child number 4 and is in the 7th grade, he enjoys baseball, soccer, reading,and the computer. He also plays the drums, piano, sings,and enjoys acting.

This is Kathryn our youngest daughter and she is in the 5th grade. Kathryn can usually be found playing with or caring for her animals. Or trying to convince the mom that one more animal really won't make much of a difference. She also plays field hockey ,is active in Girl Scouts, and is very much a outdoor girl. She also is in chours, takes piano and drum lessons and acts along with her dad and older siblings.

And last but not least the youngest Aidan who started pre-k this year. He enjoys being outside, and playing at being many things from Bob the Builder to Spider man. He is a big help and wants to grow as big as the big kids and do everything they get to do.

We also have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 hermit crabs, and 10 fish, we live on 7 1/2 acres in a small town in New York.

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  1. Margery, If you would please link to all the blogs that are listed in All in a Day, as well as go to and link the banner with the following code found on the following page...

    Thank you,
    All in a Day Linking Bloggers

  2. I'll try, and if I can't fiqure it out I'll ask the DH whenhe gets up. :)

  3. I love your comments about Connor because I have an 8th grade boy and I used say when people who ask me how he is, "He is continuing his plan to rule the world!" He like soccer too! Too bad we don't live closer. :)

  4. Karen, I agree it would be great of we lived closer.

  5. Enjoyed meeting your family!!! Thanks for linking up with us! Look forward to stopping by again next week!