Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today I had a sewing day, I had seen jeans turned into aprons and had been wanting to try it for a while. So a few weeks ago when our thrift store had 70% off I bought a pair of men's jeans for only two dollars to work with. Out of  the pair of jeans I made 3 aprons, well really 2 are finished and one will be done in another week. I used fabric and thread from my attic stash of items. The pictures are not the best, will try to get some better ones tomorrow in the sunlight.

This one used one leg of the jeans,and is the same one I will be making another one of  next week using the other leg. It is based off of this apron Jeans Half apron, I did add a bib to mine as for most housecleaning I like a full apron to protect my shirts and a extra pocket as I love pockets.

This one I made based off of this idea Jean Apron ,the cloth pocket is plenty big for cloths pins and the jean pockets are perfect for the cell phone, kitchen timer and sharpie, I did add a good size ruffle to the bottom of this one. This apron was supposed to be mine but a certain daughter has decided she wants it, so I will be making myself another one before the weather gets warm enough to hang the laundry. The fabric  is pink with crowns and says princess.

Now I can only hope that having some cute new aprons will inspire me to get out of a winter funk, and get the house cleaned.

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