Monday, July 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- Camp Menu

This menu really is for next week when we head out to camp with our family, we do have a propane stove and fridge in the cabin plus a grill and the fire pit. We will be feeding each day between 9-14 kids and 6-9 adults depending on who is at camp that day. Three cabins and lots of family make for a great week.

We made lunch easy as we never know if we will be at the cabin or off having fun at lunch time.

There will be fruit and veggies out all day for the kids to eat, plus lots of cool snacks like marshmallows, smores, trial mix, and so on.


 Breakfast and Lunch at home

Dinner- Hamburgers, corn on the cob, baked beans


Breakfast- Pancakes and sausage, juice

Lunch- sandwiches

Dinner- Grilled  BBQ chicken, salt potatoes, green beans


Breakfast- French Toast

Lunch- sandwiches

Dinner- Taco's - ground beef, lettuce, tomato, taco sauce, hard and soft shells ( ground beef  pre-cooked at home. frozen, warm in crock pot)


Breakfast- Biscuit eggs sandwich, w/ sausage and cheese

Lunch- Sandwich

Dinner- Spaghetti and meatballs, w/ salad and garlic bread ( meatballs and sauce done in crock pots)


Breakfast- Eggs w/ hash browns


Dinner- Chicken and Biscuits , ( chicken in crock pot)


Breakfast- Pancakes

Lunch- sandwich

Dinner- Chicken speides, corn, salt potatoes


Breakfast- Leftovers/ Cereal

Lunch- Sandwhices

Dinner- Spider dogs ( aka Hot dogs), pasta salad, chips


breakfast- cereal

Lunch- Dinner- on the road home

This menu is also posted at Menu Plan Monday

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  1. Thanks for sharing your camping menu -- I always love seeing what folks pack to eat while enjoying time away from home.