Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 7-11- Summer menu Plan

Time to get back in the saddle with meal planning, over the last two weeks we have packed up and returned home from OK City, unpacked at home and have tried to get back to normal life.

I have finished up our three week dinner plan for Summer, for  a winter menu I try to do 4 weeks, but 3 is enough for summer as there are more interruptions to the meal plan . Like this month we are going camping for a week, and I am going to my mom's for a week. This menu is for July, August, and September, switching to a winter menu in October to April. This week we are on week 2.

Week 1

Sunday- Taco's
Monday- Chicken Alfredo
Tuesday- Hamburger Helper or ground beef, egg noodles, brown gravy
Wed- Chicken Spedies, w/ baked potato, and salad ( grill meal, w/ potatoes in crock pot)
Thursday- Bratwurst w/ saurgart, Chicken sausage w/ rice ( grill meal )
Friday- Chicken ( flatted and grilled) served topped with ham and Swiss on a roll w/ lettuce and tomato. Pasta Salad ( grill meal)
Saturday- Beef Strogaff w/ egg noddles ( crock pot meal )

Week 2

Sunday- Taco's
Monday- Tortilli w/white sauce
Tuesday- Sloppy Joes w/ french fries
Wed- Grilled chicken w/ buttered noodles ( grill meal)
Thursday- Polish sausage w/ quiona and corn
Friday- Chicken Sand which ( grilled) w/ mac salad ( grill meal)
Saturday- Cube steak w/ salt potatoes

Week 3

Sunday- taco's
Monday- Ravioli
Tuesday- Hamburgers, chips
Wed- Teriyi chicken w/ rice
Thursday- Italian Sausage ( hot dogs for some), w/ potatoes
Friday- Chicken w/ potatoe salad
Saturday- Steak w/ quiona and corn

Lunch menu for summer when the kids are out of school is a hot meal, unless we are out and about. FM is a meal from the freezer, CP is crock pot

Week one

Sunday- waffle brunch after church
Monday- Grilled Cheese
Tuesday- Mac and Cheese ( CP)
Wed- Potato soup ( FM and CP)
Thursday- french bread pizza (FM)
Friday- Meatballs and pasta ( CP)
Saturday- Leftovers

Week Two

Sunday- waffle brunch
Monday- Grilled tuna
Tuesday- Mac and cheese ( CP)
Wednesday- Chicken Noodle soup ( CP)
Thursday- Calzones w/ dip
Friday- Meatballs and pasta ( CP)
Saturday- Leftovers

Each meal for Lunches and Dinners also has a veggie tray with in season veggies, and a fruit tray with in season fruits.

I also try to do dessert in the summer as the husband likes them and the kids are more active

Sunday- creme pie
Monday- Jello
Tuesday- Ice Cream, Shortcake w/ berries
Wed- Cobber or crisp
Thursday- Brownies, cake
Friday- Fruit smoothie
Saturday- pudding, cookies

This menu plan is linked up at menu-plan-monday

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  1. i love how u have everything so planned out
    i love dessert too lately
    ive been having it everynight!
    i would love if you would come visit my blog and check out my Menu Plan
    Enjoy your week
    From Cristin To Mommy