Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heading Home

After being here in Oklahoma City for a month, the time has come to head home.

Aidan I have learned is a growing boy, hours spent in the pool each day making friends on his own, and adventures with his sister finding frogs and playing tag. Have shown me that he is no longer my little one but a big boy ready to explore his world with mom looking on but no longer part of his play all the time.


Kathryn I have learned can make friends anywhere. In one month she has become the dog walker for a neighbor and she got paid in Popsicles ,is anything better when you are 10.

Conner I have learned can step up when needed, still loves to pester his younger brothers and sister, and if given the chance will spend way to much time on the computer. But he did enjoy the pool, and eating out more then normal.

Nolan is Nolan, he has enjoyed himself, but looks forward to having his own bed again and not sharing with Conner. He has reminded me this month why we no longer have regular TV at home, I love Netflix when TV shows that can be stopped and watched when mom says you can. He has enjoyed helping out in the kitchen this trip and I hope he still does when we get home.

I have enjoyed the break from normal housework, and look forward to the day when I can have a indoor pet free home :), which with having Kathryn for a daughter is not going to be any day soon. I do hope to simplify our home when I get back, making it easier to keep clean.

 I have enjoyed a less stressed husband this month, well except for the last 3 days, and hope that when he gets back to his regular work that all will go well. And that with our science center pass we will enjoy some day trips this summer.

Tonight we will be in Memphis, before heading to Mammoth Cave National Park on Friday, and then on to Abraham Lincoln Birthplace memorial on Saturday and then on to to Ohio and home on Sunday night.

Looking forward to green grass, and rain.

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