Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Garden Party - 6/7

I don't have a current picture of my garden as I am traveling and left the older kids in charge of my garden, hoping they remember what the weeds look like. But we did get all 4 raised beds planted this year in the top bed we have lettuce, spinach, and carrots. Bed number 2 has potatoes, something new I am trying this year. Bed number 3 has 40 corn which is also new to the garden and 8 pumpkin, bed number 4 has tomato's and cucumbers.

Picture from 2009 peppers, lettuce, spinach, and broccoli

Picture from 2009 tomatoes

Picture from 2009 the side garden with summer squash and pumpkins

This year I didn't plant any summer squash as that usually goes in the side garden and that one once again didn't get planted, next year I really will plant that garden space. Last year I was able to get enough for the freezer from others gardens. I also didn't plant peppers as I never do very well with them and over all it is cheaper to buy a bushel from the local produce stand for the freezer. Onions were also left out, but I do plan on trying garlic this fall. My strawberry bed was removed in the moving around, but this fall we are adding a 5th raised bed so there will be a new space for strawberries.

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  1. sounds like your in for a surprize when you get home!!