Friday, June 10, 2011

Freezer Friday- Yummy Hamburgers

Last year I started making my own hamburgers, and they were ok to eat , but they fell apart when cooking and really didn't have much flavor. So this year it was time to experiment, I have gotten pretty good at making meatloaf so I knew that I could make edible hamburgers.

     Everything tastes better if you help make it.

I started with 6lbs of ground beef I think it 80/20, added 6 eggs, 6cups of  dry TVP ( rehydrate with water before using), and 1/2 cup of Kirkland Sweet Mesquite seasoning ( my oldest brings some home each time he heads west). Mixed it all together and formed patty's. I was able to make 40 hamburgers, which I froze by layering each one in between wax paper and then 12 to a Ziploc bag.

The first one I cooked up before freezing was a bit to spicy, and after freezing they were a bit less, but next time I will only add 1/4 cup of seasoning.

This recipe met my goals, it was cheaper then pre-made ( about 45 cents each) , stayed together on the grill, and were consumed by all the kids. I could get away with packaging 1 per person next time as they were a bit filling, when served with a pasta salad.

Note: We use TVP which is a soy product that we use to stretch ground beef. We have a local bulk food store that carries it cheaply. We also use it in meatloaf, meatballs, taco's and sloppy joes. It allows us to eat ground beef on my food budget and not the cheaper ground turkey.

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