Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All in a Day - Summer Routine

Routine in the summer is a bit harder to stick with, without a school day to build around. So we build our day around meals and activities. Right now we are away from home so our day looks something like this :

Wake, eat breakfast, pick up the apartment, go swimming, eat , rest, go swimming, eat, play outside, eat, baths, and bedtime. They seem to do alot more eating in the summer but that is because they are doing alot more physical activities. This month we have been pretty lax about times as we don't have all the kids with us, and there really is not much work for us to do, and no driving for me during the day.

Once we get home things will change a bit, the plan is for our days to look something like this :

8am breakfast ( you can sleep in but mom cooks once)

leave for swimming lessons, and take Sarah to work at the same pool we have lessons at. Then Monday- Thursday if she doesn't work after lessons , I will take the younger kids to the library, big playground, etc after their class and we will all head back home together at 12. If she has to work right after lessons then we will head home right after ours. Also in this time we will fit in a 1/2  hour or more of reading under a shady tree someplace.

Lunch- is at 12:30

Then chores need to get done, then we can have fun.

Right now it is looking like :

Mondays- Cole Park - take the kids to the beach
Tuesdays- running around day if needed, otherwise at home
Wednesday-Town Pool
Thursday- at home
Friday- Town Pool, family Friday nights if they have them again this year
Saturday-  dad's choice
Sunday- at home

The days really don't matter as it all depends on rain, Sarah's work schedule and so on, but really we want to go to Cole park 1x a week, and the town pool for open swim 2x a week.

Then it's snack time at 4pm

Afternoon chores

outside play ( back yard pool, kid invented games, and so on)

Dinner 7pm

After dinner chores

Outside play time at least a few times a week ( flash light tag, manhunt, fire flies, campfires etc.)

9pm baths for the younger ones

10pm quite time

So in the summer our days are built around meals, with chores and lots of fun added.

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  1. I am missing home, can't wait to get back so that we can have some more fun.