Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All in a Day - Summer Vactions with kids

I love to travel, and having kids hasn't changed that. I love to take the kids camping and to see educational sites, my dh on the other hand likes hotels and sitting back.

So we do both, this year so far we have tagged along with the my husband on a business trip across the country staying in hotels and in short term housing.

 In fact we are still in Oklahoma City on that trip, we did only bring 4 of the 6 kids due to work and school for the older 2.

Lunch Time

Top of the St. Louis Arch

We have seen St.Louis on the way here, and will get to stop at Mammoth Cave National Park on the way home. Plus enjoying the sites of Oklahoma while we are here.

OK city Zoo

Then we are home for a few weeks before heading out to Allegany State park for our family camping trip and to make it more fun my parents and sisters, brother and all the cousins join us. What is more fun then 6 kids camping, 17 kids camping we do get 3 cabins and share our meals as a group. Camping does involve planning but I love to plan, and the fun the kids have makes it all worth it, and the husband grins and bears it because it makes me happy to camp.

                     Getting ready for some fun

           The husband and oldest daughter

And this is a big year for trips, as we are also going on a cruise , which is another type of vacation we like to take the kids on but not until December .As who wants to escape a NY summer it's the winters we want to run from. It is cheaper for us then a week at hotel  and it is the type of vacation that makes my husband who works hard to provide for this family happy. There is something for everyone from the youngest to the oldest to do, but because of the cost we have for now limited cruising to when one of the kids is a senior in high school and when they run the kids cruise free promotions.

They do have table manners

Sarah and Pat

Each type of trip involves different types of packing, and planning, but a good list makes it all possible. I will amit that the day before we leave I am a bit stressed making sure nothing is forgotten, but once we hit the road I am ready for some fun.

As far as spending all this time in a van with 6 kids, well since we live 4 hrs from family and up to this last year we went home 1x month 4hrs each way the kids are great in the van. Our favorite things to do are books on tape, we really like the Focus on the Family radio theatre Cd's. The kids do have game boys that they will play with, and for this trip to OK City we bought a DVD player as 4 days in the van was going to be a long time. But we talk, laugh, sing, read, and just have a good time together.

                    Three youngest with grandpa

But every Vacation has to come to a end.

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